Tamuda Bay Travel Guide



Tamuda was an ancient city in Morocco.

Through the architecture, ancient pottery, and archaeological finds, you can see how the city changed from a military camp to a Roamized landscape and then abandoned by its colonizers allowing rich cultures to spring forward.

Tamuda Bay Travel Guide

The name Tamuda lives on through the Tamuda bay area, located in Tetouan, Morocco.

What To Expect

The two official languages of Morocco are Arabic and Moroccan Berber. However, the people and signs around Tetouan often include Spanish and French too.

French is considered a prestigious language in the area. It is normally used for governmental, business, or diplomacy interactions. Around 69% of the population can read and write French.

The Spanish language, however, is slowly dropping out of favor.

The Spanish used to occupy areas of Morocco, and so the sting of colonization still affects the area today. Speaking Spanish in Tamuda Bay could lead to automatically negative assumptions.

What To Pack

Morocco is a hot country, which means you need to pack for the heat. The dress code is mostly conservative, which means women should wear loose clothes which cover their skin.

You can wear sleeveless tops, and shorts are okay, but anything too exposing (such as tank tops or short shorts) will be frowned upon.

These are social restrictions, not legal ones.

Focus on long floaty outfits, breathable footwear, sun hats, sunscreen, and insect repellent. You may also benefit from diarrhea relief tablets should you drink too much tap water.


Quad Bike On The Beach

There are multiple quad bike experiences in Tetouan, but the most popular is Tetouan Quad Discovery. They have 3 circuits for you to explore. One with lake views, another with mountain views, and the third with village and forest views.

Each has a breaking opportunity to take photos, and a chance for local food on your journey.

View Ancient And Modern Art

Art is a very important part of the Tamuda Bay culture. You can visit the Modern Art Center of Tetouan or explore the Ethnographic Museum to understand the historical changes to the landscape.

Tetouan is filled with so much rich culture, that your hotel managers can direct you to your nearest museum.

Cultural Tours

Of course, the best way to explore the current day culture is to walk with a guide.

The Tetouan Private Cultural Tour provides a full-day trip around the area. You’ll learn interesting aspects of the people. For example, Tetouan is known as “The White Pigeon” to the locals, due to the beautiful white houses.

You’ll be shown how the cultural mixture can be found in architecture, food, and plant life.


As a culture hub, Tetouan has multiple types of cuisine you can try. In Tamuda Bay specifically, most of the restaurants combine beautiful food with beautiful views.

So Beach And Night Lounge

The So Lounge is considered expensive for the area with a price range between $25 and $60. The atmosphere is romantic, with live music and beach views. It can get very crowded, but the area is spacious and worth the wait.


Saffron is a mid-priced highly aesthetic restaurant. The color scheme is cream and orange for a hot Moroccan vibe.

The food is delicious, the ambiance is elegant, and the staff aims for a flawless experience. To top it off, there are no poor or terrible reviews on Trip Advisors. Very few restaurants boast the same praise.

Saffron is a Thai restaurant positioned in front of a river to give you forest and waterside views.

Azura Tamouda Bay

Azura is a Mediterranean cafe. They sell seafood platters, steak dishes, and grilled delights. They ask all of their guests to dress in smart casual attire, and although they open late, they are considered lunchtime meal providers.

The cafe is attached to the beach, with chairs and sitting areas on decking steps away from the white sand beaches. Their white and blue aesthetics goes perfectly with the blue sea and white sand backdrop.


Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay

Banyan Tree is an extravagant hotel that creates a romantic atmosphere with sunset lighting and pearl white walls. It lies across the riverbed allowing you to see the view of beautiful flowing water and the forests ahead.

Banyan is pure luxury mixed with Moroccan charm. In the hotel, you will have access to a private beach, a private chef (if you choose), spa facilities, and yoga classes.

There is a kids club available, but most people who attend the Banyan Tree are there for a romantic experience. 


Sofitel mixes the Moroccan lifestyle with French aesthetics. From every room, you can see the beautiful blue waters of Tamuda Bay or the breathtaking Chefchaouen Mountains. 

It is another romantic getaway, which also includes a spa treatment and private beach access.

The website isn’t as smooth as Banyan Tree, but you can have a virtual visit through the hotel and experience the glamorous feeling in the comfort of your own home.

When you book your place you can also ask for special activities such as an activity package, food exploration, or a celebration package.

Tamuda Beach Hotel

Tamuda is another romantic hotel. They specialize in dining and wellness. Their wellness packages include massages, spa experiences, sauna, and hammam.

If you book with this hotel, make sure to scan their offers and packages page. Local businesses often give cheaper activities to the hotel to help spread awareness of their events.

Through their restaurants, you can experience fun and fast food or elegant sit-down dinners which reflect the culinary experience of the area.


Tamuda Bay is part of the Tetouan area of Morocco. It is filled to the brim with different cultures, all as rich and poetic as the next. The sea is crystal clear, and the architecture tells a story.

Follow the white sand beaches and decadent restaurants as you take in the naturally beautiful landscape.