Windsurfing in Morocco



Looking for an epic adventure that you’ll never forget?

You can find it in a place where turquoise waters meet golden beaches and the wind whips up fierce waves that will challenge even the most seasoned of windsurfers.

Introducing Windsurfing in Morocco – a surfers paradise and perfect spot to try something daring and new! Let us take you on a thrilling journey, so grab your board, wax it up, and let’s go!

Popular Spots for Windsurfing in Morocco

If you’re looking for the best spots in Morocco to windsurf, then look no further! From Essaouira on the Atlantic coast to Sidi Kankouch near Agadir on the Mediterranean, there are plenty of beautiful and unique spots waiting to be explored.

For wave riders, Taghazout is a must-visit spot with consistent waves, while Dakhla is ideal for both experienced windsurfers and kiters alike.

Those looking for flat water should check out Bouznika with its gentle breeze and stunning waterscape. So whatever type of sailing you enjoy, Morocco is an amazing country for discovering new windsurfing adventures!


Essaouira Windsurfing


  • Varied conditions for all skill levels.
  • Beautiful scenery with stunning beaches.
  • Easy access to the city centre.
  • Vibrant local culture and cuisine.
  • Calm waters and consistent winds throughout the year.


  • Limited spot that can be crowded during high season.
  • Challenging navigation due to shallow and rocky patches.
  • Occasional strong currents near jetties, ports and estuaries.

The best time to visit Essaouira is from April to October when the westerly and south-westerly winds are at their strongest. You will find a variety of swell sizes throughout the year, with some reaching up to 8-10ft high during peak season.

It’s also worth noting that Essaouira is largely a wave spot, so don’t expect flat waters like you might find elsewhere off the coast of Morocco but it has a beautiful large sandy beach which offers plenty of watersport activities.

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that offers perfect conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding, there’s no better place than Essaouira! The mixture of strong winds, waves and excellent views make it an unforgettable experience. Take a break from the beach and explore this vibrant city as you enjoy delicious food and meet friendly locals – there’s something here for every kind of traveller!

Located in Essaouira on a 4km sandy beach, the windsurfing and kitesurfing centers offer everything you need for a perfect day out on the water. The bay has flat to choppy waters with waves and a slight shorebreak, providing plenty of opportunities to practice manoeuvers.

At low tide, the sea recedes about 150m, making it an ideal spot for beginners as the sandy bottom shelves gently and there is a shallow area near the edge. Experienced riders can also take their skills up a notch with challenging conditions here.


Windsurfing in Asilah

Asilah is a small coastal town in northern Morocco, known for its traditional white-washed houses, blue doors and walls adorned with paintings by local artists. The windy town is a paradise for kitesurfers, attracting experienced and novice riders from around the world.


  • Great spot to learn, with steady cross-onshore breezes and flat water.
  • Good launching facilities including a reasonable beach launch area.
  • Less crowded than popular spots like Taghazout or Essaouira.
  • Affordable accommodation options nearby.


  • Limited wind conditions for advanced windsurfers.
  • Constant strong onshore wind can make sailing tricky at times.
  • Navigation is challenging due to the shallow waters and reef patches.

Along with great conditions for kitesurfing, Asilah also features an old medina, beaches and historic monuments to explore. Whether you plan on learning to kitesurf or just taking in the sights of this ancient port city, Asilah promises an unforgettable experience.


Dakhla Windsurfing

Windsurfing in Dakhla is a unique experience due to its large lagoon and exposed coast. Here, you will find some of the best conditions for learning the sport as well as experienced riders looking for new challenges.


  • Warm temperatures year round make it ideal for windsurfing any time of year.
  • The lagoon offers flat water and strong winds, making it perfect for learning the basics.
  • The exposed coast provides great wave sailing opportunities with strong side offshore winds.


  • The choppy waters near the shore can be difficult to navigate at times.
  • The gusty winds can sometimes make it difficult to keep control of the board.
  • There is limited access to basic amenities like shops, restaurants, and hotels in the area.

There is a renowned kite school on-site with experienced instructors, plus numerous all-inclusive camping options for those who wish to stay and take advantage of the constant wind and flat lagoon. For those looking to get away from it all and enjoy their own slice of paradise, Dakhla is an ideal destination.


Windsurfing in Taghazout

Taghazout is a great spot for windsurfers of all levels, from beginner to experienced. The bay offers flat water inside with side offshore winds, providing steady conditions for learning the basics as well as perfect wave sailing opportunities on the outside.


  • Warm temperatures year round make it ideal for windsurfing any time of year.
  • Steady side offshore winds provide great sailing conditions throughout the day.
  • The shallow and flat waters are perfect for beginners, while the exposed coastline offers advanced wave sailing opportunities.
  • There is a wide selection of amenities such as shops, restaurants and hotels in the area.


  • Due to its popularity, there can be crowded days with lots of other windsurfers on the water.
  • During summer months there can be higher swell which makes wave sailing more challenging.

Taghazout, a small fishing village located on the Moroccan coast, is renowned for its world-class windsurfing no matter what your wave riding skills. With strong and consistent winds from May to October, this vibrant beach city is ideal for both beginners and experienced windsurfers.

The warm waters and mild temperatures make Taghazout an attractive destination all year round. Not only is the wind steady, but the town has all the necessary facilities to make learning and enjoying your stay easier. There are many surf schools and equipment rental shops, plus plenty of restaurants to refuel after a day on the water.

Whether you’re hoping to try something new or just want to soak up some sun in beautiful surroundings, Taghazout is an ideal destination for a windsurfing holiday. From quality tuition to customised trips and guided tours of the region’s best spots, there’s plenty to explore here in Morocco!


Windsurfing Agadir

Agadir is a great spot for experienced windsurfers looking for the latest waves. The exposed coastline provides good wave sailing opportunities, while the inner lagoon satisfies all types of riders with strong winds throughout the year.


  • The wide variety of amenities makes it easy to find food, shops and hotels nearby.
  • The consistent side shore winds make it ideal for wave sailing all year round.
  • The lagoon provides sheltered flat water for learning the basics or practising new moves.
  • Beautiful scenery offers a perfect backdrop for amazing photos of your ride.


  • During summer months there can be higher swell which makes wave sailing more challenging.
  • There’s limited space on the beach with lots of other people sunbathing and kitesurfing.
  • Longshore current can sometimes cause difficulty in navigating between spots.

The Agadir area of Morocco is an excellent destination for kiteboarding. From perfect waves to flat water spots, there’s something for everyone on the south coast. The town of Tamraght is a great base for exploring the diverse kitesurfing spots in the area, with hillside cottages offering stunning views of the ocean.

Kitesurfers from all levels are welcomed at Agadir, as beginner camps and kite schools help new riders learn the basics before charging out into open waters. Advanced riders can take on bigger swells and stronger winds, making this spot especially appealing to more experienced surfers.

The waves here are milder than other popular spots in Morocco such as Essaouira or Sidi Kaouki, but there is still plenty of fun to be had on the water. The area also features sheltered bays and creeks which are great for beginners who want to learn some moves or those who just want to peacefully get away from the rougher seas.

Apart from its beautiful scenery, Agadir also delivers consistent wind conditions throughout most of the year which make it an exceptional choice for a holiday getaway or even a weekend trip. From April through November, you will find some of the best wind speeds and wave heights that Morocco has to offer – perfect for mastering tricky tricks and getting some serious airtime!

Whether you’re just starting out or already a kite pro, head down to Agadir and experience it all!


Windsurfing El-Jadida

El-Jadida is a great spot for all levels of windsurfers. Its coastline provides both flat water inside the small bay and waves outside with side shore winds all year round.


  • The warm climate makes it ideal for windsurfing any time of year.
  • Side shore winds provide consistent conditions throughout the day.
  • The shallow lagoon offers perfect spots to learn the basics or practice your moves.
  • Beautiful scenery and endless beaches make it a great destination for a vacation.


  • There can be lots of other people kitesurfing, paddleboarding or sunbathing on the beach which limits space on the water.
  • The waves outside can be intimidating for beginners, making them feel intimidated to venture out into deeper waters.
  • Longshore current can sometimes cause difficulty in navigating between spots.

El-Jadida is a city located in western Morocco, on the Atlantic Coast near the Oualidia Lagoon. It is known as one of the best spots for kiteboarding in Morocco due to its consistent winds and varied swell sizes throughout the year. The long beach and sand dunes to the north provide excellent conditions for kitesurfers of all skill levels. The area is also popular with tourists due to its laid-back atmosphere, stunning scenery and nearby seafood restaurants.

The Oualidia Lagoon in Morocco is a kitesurfers paradise. During low tides, sandy banks are exposed and the often calm lagoon makes the perfect spot for freeriders to have some fun. However, be wary of the strong current that runs through the outside pass at lower tide levels.

At high tide, swells form inside the pass, providing great conditions for honing directional board and wave riding techniques. The surrounding scenery of nice houses, condos, small hotels and B&Bs makes it a beautiful place to spend your holiday away from the hustle and bustle of daily life – especially when the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing during winter months.

Oualidia Lagoon truly provides something for everyone – no matter your ability level or experience – making it one of the best spots in Morocco for kiteboarding, a perfect kite beach!

Basic Tips for a Successful Trip to Morocco for Windsurfing


Research the best windsurfing spots in Morocco, the weather conditions, the difficulty conditions and the best time to visit.


Bring appropriate clothing for the weather, serious sun protection (this is North Africa!), and a wetsuit for windsurfing. Make sure you bring enough sunscreen, you will need it in this hot climate!


You can bring your own or rent, which can be expensive in peak season so research places and costs well in advance.


Morocco is a culturally rich country and its very important to respect cultures and traditions whilst you are there. Try to learn a few Arabic phrases – the locals will appreciate the effort.


Hiring a local guide is fairly reasonable and will help you navigate the best spots and any language barriers.

Weather Conditions & Seasonal Considerations

When planning a trip to Morocco for windsurfing, it’s important to consider the weather conditions and seasonal factors. The country has an arid climate, with temperatures ranging from moderate in winter to hot in summer, making it a great destination for year-round windsurfing.

In the summer months (June – September), the winds are mainly thermal, coming from strong sea breezes or southerly monsoon. In the wintertime (November – March), you can expect stronger westerly winds which make for some of the best sailing. The most consistent sailing conditions are to be found on the Atlantic coast near Essaouira and Dakhla Lagoon.

For those looking for waves and a more remote experience – Agadir is worth considering as it is known for its bigger swell and off-shore wind. No matter which spot you choose, whether you are looking for the strongest winds or the mildest spots, there will be something for everyone!

From March to May, Easter provides an opportunity for a great windsurfing escape. With the high season still weeks away and sunny weather on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to explore Morocco’s awesome watersports and unbeatable beaches – without breaking the bank!

Enjoy peaceful conditions with fewer people around, making your holiday all the more special. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the diverse range of spots here have something for everyone. So why wait? Get planning your Easter windsurfing break in Morocco now!

Windsurfing Conditions and Seasons

Morocco has a reliable climate for windsurfers with reliable winds almost year round. The windiest times are from April to November when the westerly and south-westerly winds blow in off the Atlantic Ocean. During this time, you will often find swells that can reach up to 8-10ft high.

Teams of advanced riders, especially from Europe, come out during these months as they offer consistent and stronger winds than other regions around the world. Some of them even go so far as to name Morocco as one of the top destinations for windsurfing due to how reliable the winds are here.

For those who want a more relaxed experience and still enjoy sunny days with strong winds, September is a great time to give it a try but only if you’re prepared for some high waves.

Since October is typically wetter than other months in Morocco, it’s best to plan your trip according to the seasonal conditions if you don’t feel comfortable with bigger swells. The last few weeks of November mostly have gusty trades while December is usually reserved for kitesurfing because it tends toward calmer weather patterns most of the year round.

This means that even if you’re not an experienced windsurfer or just starting out, there’s plenty of opportunity here in Morocco all year long!

Reserving Gear & Accommodations Beforehand

For those looking to combine their windsurfing holiday in Morocco with some culture and history, Essaouira, Agadir and Taghazout are all great destinations.

From the UNESCO-designated Old City of Essaouira, to the stunning beach views from Agadir’s new marina, to the stunning natural beauty of Taghazout – there is something for everyone in these magical cities.

If you’re looking for an even more unique experience, why not take a tour through the Atlas Mountains or venture as far south as the small section of the Western Sahara Desert that resides in the east of Morocco?

The sand here is unlike any sand on a kitesurfing beach – it’s more like cake flour, soft and silky. Taking a tour of this breathtaking landscape will be an experience you won’t forget easily!

FAQs on Windsurfing morocco

Windsurfing in Morocco is a great way to explore the country’s diverse landscape and experience its unique fascinating culture. Here are some frequently asked questions about windsurfing Morocco:

What types of windsurfing can I do in Morocco?

Morocco offers a wide range of windsurfing experiences with lots of different wave conditions. You can find an almost perfect balance between flat water, waves and coastal winds around the country. The coastline along the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic provides good opportunities for both beginner and advanced windsurfers.

Where are the best spots for windsurfing in Morocco?

The most popular spots for windsurfing are Dakhla, Essaouira Bay, Taghazout, El Jadida and Asilah. Each spot offers something different so you can choose depending on your preference – from light winds to challenging waves and everything in between.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

You don’t have to bring your own equipment if you don’t want to as there are many rental shops available near most of the beaches in Morocco. It’s recommended that you book your equipment in advance though as it can be busy during peak season.

Can you get lessons in kitesurfing in morocco?

There are plenty of certified schools offering lessons for both beginners and advanced riders alike. Most of them are based around the coastal cities like Essaouira and Dakhla lagoon. The instructors will begin with a detailed explanation of the basics and then move on to cover more advanced techniques such as launching, landing, kite control and safety.

If you’re looking to give kitesurfing a try, it’s best to go for a private or semi private lesson so that you get adequate attention from your instructor to understand the basics properly. Once you’ve got the hang of it, a group lesson or clinics can be organized once you feel confident enough.

No matter whether it’s your first time or not – Morocco is a great place to hone your skills and make some amazing memories while learning one of the most thrilling watersports out there!

What Other Watersports are Found in Morocco

As well as windsurfing, Morocco is also a great place for those looking to get their feet wet in a variety of other watersports. Kitesurfing is an increasingly popular activity here, with plenty of kitesurf spots offering ideal conditions for all levels – from beginner to advanced.

Snorkeling and diving are also actively practiced, allowing visitors to take in the country’s incredible marine life and explore untouched coral reefs. Those wanting to stay on dry land can opt for stand up paddle boarding or kayaking along the coast.

Morocco is an amazing destination not just for windsurfers but also everyone interested in watersports – offering something for everyone!