10 Unusual Facts About Morocco You Probably Didn’t Know



The North African country of Morocco is a fascinating country known for many things. From its rich culture and vibrant markets to its diverse landscape and pristine coastline, Morocco has it all.

Unusual Facts About Morocco You Probably Didn't Know

As a result, millions of tourists from all over the world visit Morocco on vacation every year.

Some of the best highlights of a trip to Morocco have to be the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara, the sun-soaked coastline, and busy streets.

If you’re planning a trip to Morocco, then we’re very jealous, as you’re in for a fantastic time. However, before you visit, it’s a good idea to read up on the more unique things about the country.

To help you learn more, we’ve listed 10 unusual facts about Morocco you probably didn’t know in this post. If you want to learn more about this wonderful North African country, keep reading!

1. Morocco Isn’t Officially Called Morocco

We’ll kickstart this list of unusual facts about Morocco with one that will most definitely surprise you. Despite what we’re all told, Morocco isn’t officially called Morocco.

Instead, the country is actually officially known as the “Kingdom of Morocco”. Morocco was officially given this name in 1956 when the country’s French rule ended.

Most people choose to abbreviate the name and simply call the country Morocco.

2. Morocco Was The First Country To Recognize The USA As A Country

Interestingly, Morocco was the first nation to recognize the United States as an independent nation. This happened shortly after the United States declared its independence.

It wasn’t long before Morocco and the USA formed a strong relationship.

In 1777, Morocco opened a number of ports. These ports started trading with America almost immediately. This occurred just a year after the United States declared independence.

3. Several Languages Are Spoken In Morocco

Morocco is a diverse country home to a wide range of cultures. Whilst the official language of Morocco is Arabic, there are actually several different languages spoken in the country.

Despite Arabic being spoken by most of the Moroccan population, French is also common.

In fact, almost one-third of Moroccans speak French. This is because the country was once a French colony.

English is also popular. It is estimated that almost 20 of Morocco’s population can speak English. Spanish and Berber are popular languages too.

Unusual Facts About Morocco You Probably Didn't Know

4. Moroccan Weddings Last Three Days

If you ever have the chance to attend a Moroccan wedding, don’t miss the opportunity. Moroccan weddings are incredible. You will need to leave three days spare to attend a Moroccan wedding, but you won’t be disappointed.

Traditional Moroccan weddings take place over three days before ending with the wildest of parties. There are also a variety of unique traditions that take place over the three days.

For example, it is tradition for the bride to change her dress up to seven times. It is also tradition for the groom to wear a djellaba or jabador.

5. Morocco Has Goat Trees

If you love wildlife, this next fact is perfect for you. Whilst Morocco is recognized for its rare Thuya wood, the most interesting and unique type of tree in the country is the goat tree.

Amazingly, goat trees are exactly what you picture in your mind right now. They are tall trees that goats sit in. Yep, you read that right, the goats climb and sit on the branches.

Wonderfully, this bizarre sight is completely ordinary in Morocco’s Souss-Massa-Draa region.

6. Europe Is Only 9 Miles Away From Morocco

Morocco might sit on the African continent but it’s actually extremely close to Europe. In fact, you might find that Morocco is closer to Europe than your house is to your friend’s house.

Morocco is just 9 miles away from Europe. The European country closest to Morocco is Spain. The two countries are separated by the Strait of Gibraltar. You can actually take a ferry between the two countries.

7. Morocco Houses The Largest Hot Desert In The World

Morocco is one of the Sahara Desert’s many homes. Spanning more than 3.3 million square miles across 11 African nations, the Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the world.

Sahara Desert tours are very popular in Morocco, so make sure you add one to your itinerary.

Unusual Facts About Morocco You Probably Didn't Know

8. Morocco Has A Ski Resort

Despite being home to the largest hot desert in the world, Morocco unbelievably has a ski resort. It may not be as impressive as skiing in the Rocky Mountains or the Alps, but being able to say you’ve skied in Africa is pretty cool.

The small ski resort of Oukaimeden has several lifts and almost 6 miles of ski slopes.

9. The National Drink Of Morocco Is Tea

As soon as you step foot in Morocco it will become clear how much the nation loves tea. Whilst the nation loves all kinds of different types of tea, the mint tea and green tea combo is the most popular.

This type of tea is known by the name “Maghrebi Mint Tea. It is a type of green tea that is prepared using sugar and spearmint leaves.

10. Argan Oil Comes From Morocco

The final fact on this list is that Morocco is the country that produces the most Argan oil. Since Morocco is the largest producer of this oil, the industry is big business for the country.

Argan oil is commonly found in hair conditioners, treatments, and cosmetic products (Find out Which One Is Better For Your Hair – Argan Oil Vs. Moroccan Oil?). In Morocco, it is also the main type of cooking oil. The oil comes from the fruit or nut that grows on the Argan tree.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 10 unusual facts about Morocco. Morocco is an interesting country with a lot of history and unique traditions ready for you to explore.

Whilst this list could have included more and more facts, we’ve shown you the most interesting ones. Now you know more about Morocco, why don’t you plan a trip to visit this wonderful country?

We know you’ll love it!