Skiing in Morocco: Exploring the Snow-Capped Atlas Mountains



When thinking of skiing destinations, Morocco might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, this North African country offers unique skiing experiences, combining the thrill of winter sports with the rich culture and stunning landscapes of the Atlas Mountains. One of the country’s most popular ski resorts is Oukaïmeden, which boasts slopes at altitudes reaching up to 3,268 meters.

Located just 70km south of Marrakech, Oukaïmeden not only provides a range of skiing trails, but also an opportunity to indulge in the traditional Amazigh (Berber) culture and witness the local community’s efforts to adapt to evolving economic and climatic conditions, as supported by the Ski Morocco project.

Skiers visiting this resort get to experience both the adventure of skiing in North Africa’s Atlas Mountains and the unique cultural aspect that sets Oukaïmeden apart from other ski destinations in the world.

While skiing in Morocco may be a lesser-known experience, it is an affordable and adventurous destination for free-spirited winter sports enthusiasts who want to try something different.

Oukaïmeden offers a more accessible skiing experience compared to pricier ski resorts, making it an attractive option for tourists looking to combine a love for skiing with the authentic and unforgettable experience of Moroccan culture, geography, and history.

Ski Resorts Morocco

Morocco, located in North Africa, offers unique skiing experiences in its Atlas Mountains. In this section, we will discuss two popular ski resorts, Oukaimeden and Mischliffen.


Oukaimeden is Morocco’s main ski resort, situated 70 km (43 miles) south of Marrakech. When the conditions are good, the 3,263m-high (10,705-ft.) Jebel Oukaimeden’s north-facing slope has up to 20 km (13 miles) of trails on eight marked pistes. Access to these pistes is provided by one chairlift and six surface lifts.

This ski resort is an attractive option for adventurous skiers on a budget, as the cost of skiing here is relatively affordable compared to other ski resorts in the world. Additionally, skiing in Morocco during its off-peak winter season is a unique experience that not many people can say they’ve had.


Another lesser-known ski destination in Morocco is Mischliffen, located in the Middle Atlas Mountains. While it doesn’t have as many amenities as Oukaimeden, it is still an interesting option for those looking to explore skiing opportunities in a different part of Morocco.

Ski facilities at Mischliffen are more basic than those at Oukaimeden, but the resort still offers a unique skiing experience. Information on this ski resort is limited, so be prepared to explore and experience Mischliffen’s slopes with a sense of adventure.

Best Time to Ski

Morocco offers skiing enthusiasts a unique experience in the Atlas Mountains. The ski season in Morocco generally lasts from late December through to March.

However, the most ideal conditions can be experienced during January and February, as these months tend to bring snowy weather with perfect ‘spring-like’ skiing conditions and fresh snow. This is quite remarkable considering Morocco’s subtropical location in Africa.

With the highest ski resorts in Morocco extending up to an altitude of 3,268 meters, the Atlas Mountains provide ample opportunities for skiing. One of the most popular ski resorts in Morocco is Oukaïmeden, which offers up to 10 kilometers of slopes and has been rated 2.6 out of 5 stars in terms of skiing experience .

Visitors should note that snowfall in Morocco can be unpredictable, so it’s advised to keep an eye on weather forecasts leading up to a trip. While January and February are the peak months, skiing conditions may still vary.

Skiing Conditions and Terrain

Atlas Mountain skiing is where most of the skiing is found in Morocco. ,The two ski areas with lifts are located, along with several other high altitude spots for ski touring when the snow conditions are good. The Moroccan ski season typically lasts from December to March, with January being the most snow-sure month .

The primary ski resort in Morocco is Oukaïmeden, situated 70km (43 miles) south of Marrakech. It features one chairlift and six surface lifts, providing access to eight marked pistes with up to 20km (13 miles) of trails on its 3,263m-high (10,705-ft.) north-facing slope .

Despite the modest infrastructure compared to larger ski destinations in Europe and North America, Morocco offers exciting skiing opportunities for those seeking a unique adventure.

Infrastructure in Moroccan ski resorts is limited, as ski hire outlets, ski lifts and après-ski facilities are generally less available and less advanced compared to more popular ski destinations . Therefore, it is essential for skiers to be prepared and well-equipped when heading to the mountains.

Morocco’s skiing terrain varies significantly depending on the snow conditions, with the Atlas Mountains offering both groomed pistes and off-piste ski touring possibilities when conditions permit. Expert local guides available through companies likecan help skiers explore the landscape and find the best skiing spots based on their skill level and the current conditions.

Lodging and Accommodations

When planning a ski trip to Morocco, finding the right accommodations is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. There are various ski resorts and hotels available that cater to different preferences and budgets.

One of the top ski resorts in Morocco is located in Imlil, this ski resort offers a wonderful blend of comfort and convenience. Its facilities include mountain views, a shared lounge, a terrace, and a restaurant. Additionally, the accommodation features a hot tub, making it ideal for relaxation after a day on the slopes.

Another great option for ski accommodations in Morocco is Dar Adrar in the Atlas Mountains. The hotel offers competitive room rates and has received high ratings from guests. The location puts skiers in close proximity to various skiing trails, making it an excellent option for ski enthusiasts.

For travelers who prefer more luxurious accommodations, there’s the 4-star Hotel & Spa Riad Dar El Aila in Marrakech. This hotel not only offers skiing facilities, but also features an outdoor pool, room service, a restaurant, and a bar. The available room prices may vary depending on the season, but the quality of service and comfort remain consistent.

Finally, Morocco’s only true ski resort, Oukaïmeden, provides visitors with various lodging options around the resort. Located 70km south of Marrakech, it has up to 20km of trails on eight marked pistes and various chairlifts and surface lifts providing access to the slopes.

When planning a ski trip to Morocco, it’s essential to find the right accommodations that suit individual preferences, budgets, and proximity to the ski slopes. With numerous options available, from budget-friendly lodges to luxurious hotels, visitors can enjoy an unforgettable skiing experience in Morocco.

Travel and Transportation

Getting to the ski resorts in Morocco requires some planning, as the transportation options are not as extensive as in other countries. The main ski resort, Oukaïmeden, is located approximately 70km (43 miles) south of Marrakech. The most convenient way to reach the resort is by car, which will take less than two hours from Marrakech.

If you prefer not to drive, there are also all-inclusive day tours available, operated by companies such as Dar Zaman and Intrepid Morocco. These tours usually include transportation, lift passes, and sometimes equipment rental.

Once at the resort, skiing facilities may not be as extensive as high-end European or North American resorts, but there are still some options available. Oukaïmeden offers a limited number of ski lifts, including one chairlift and six surface lifts. However, it’s important to note that bringing your own ski equipment is recommended, as rental options are scarce.

Public transportation within Morocco is generally accessible, with a rail network linking main towns in the north, the coast, and Marrakesh. Buses and collective taxis are also available for getting around. However, for convenience and flexibility, renting a car may be the best option for visiting ski resorts and exploring other parts of the country.

Most ski deals will include a ski pass or ski passes and its worth booking a guide for local knowledge and to find fresh tracks.

Activities and Attractions

When it comes to skiing in Morocco, there are several ski resorts and snow activities for visitors to enjoy. One of the primary skiing destinations is Oukaimeden, located about 80 kilometers or 50 miles from Marrakech. This ski resort, situated at an elevation of 8,530 feet or 2,600 meters, is the highest on the African continent and features six ski lifts and rental facilities.

In addition to skiing, travelers can also join ski and snow tours that explore various scenic valleys and picturesque spots within the Atlas Mountain range. These excursions offer breathtaking views of North Africa’s highest peak, Jebel Toubkal, and provide opportunities for capturing stunning photos.

Snowboard equipment is also available for those who prefer snowboarding to skiing.

For those who prefer hiking rather than skiing, the Atlas Mountains offer a range of trekking options, including trails that lead to the summit of Jebel Toubkal, North Africa’s tallest peak. The adventure typically begins in Imlil, an hour’s drive from Marrakesh, and provides a memorable experience amidst the region’s striking natural beauty.

While visiting Morocco’s ski resorts and participating in snow activities, tourists can also explore the country’s rich culture and heritage. A perfect example is the historic site of the Medina in Marrakech, where one can discover winding streets lined with traditional architecture, bustling markets, and vibrant local culture.

Culture and Cuisine

When skiing in Morocco, visitors have the opportunity to experience not only the natural beauty of the mountains but also the rich culture and cuisine of the country. Moroccan people are known for their warm hospitality, which skiers can enjoy during their stay in ski-resorts like Oukaïmeden and Michlifen.

Moroccan cuisine is a unique blend of Mediterranean, Berber, and Arab influences, resulting in a rich and flavorful dining experience. For instance, during religious celebrations, Moroccans enjoy dishes such as harira (bean/lamb soup), bisteeya (pigeon meat wrapped in pastry dough), spit-roasted sheep, and Mescouta (date cookies).

Apart from traditional dishes, Moroccan ski resorts also offer international cuisines, catering to various tastes and preferences. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended to try the local delicacies, such as couscous, tajine, and mint tea. These dishes are prepared with locally sourced ingredients and a variety of aromatic spices, offering a delightful gastronomic experience.

The culture and artistry of Morocco can be appreciated in the architecture and decoration of the ski resorts and surrounding villages. Visiting these destinations provides an opportunity to learn about the local customs and traditions while witnessing artisans at work, creating pottery, textiles, and metal artworks.

In conclusion, skiing in Morocco is not just about the sport; it is also an opportunity to be immersed in the country’s rich culture and savor its delicious cuisine. This unique combination makes Moroccan skiing holidays a memorable experience that goes beyond the slopes.

Safety and Precautions

While skiing in Morocco can be an exciting and unique experience, it is essential to consider safety precautions before hitting the slopes. One of the primary concerns is the potential threat of terrorism in the country. The United States Department of State advises travelers to exercise increased caution due to terrorist groups plotting possible attacks, which may target tourist locations.

When it comes to skiing facilities in Morocco, the infrastructure can be limited or non-existent in some areas, including ski hire outlets, ski lifts, and après-ski entertainment options. Be as self-sufficient as possible, including bringing your own equipment and catering for yourself, to avoid disappointment.

Additionally, the ski resorts in Morocco, such as Oukaïmeden, might have dated lifts and poorly groomed pistes, making for bumpy rides and an increased risk of accidents. The lack of clear signposts and boundaries on the slopes can also present challenges for skiers, especially for those who are less experienced. To stay safe, skiers should stick to marked trails and never ski alone.

While skiing in Morocco, it is crucial to monitor the weather conditions and be aware of potential avalanche risks. Snowfall and temperatures can fluctuate, leading to unpredictable and potentially dangerous conditions. Skiers should stay informed of the local weather forecast, avalanche warnings, and follow guidance from local ski patrol teams.

Lastly, it’s essential to have adequate travel insurance that covers skiing and other winter sports activities. Such coverage should include medical expenses, evacuation costs, and repatriation, as well as protection against theft or loss of your ski equipment.

Pricing and Budget

Skiing in Morocco can be an affordable and unique experience for travelers. The ski resort Oukaïmeden, located in the High Atlas Mountains, offers a range of options for those looking to hit the slopes without breaking the bank.

When it comes to equipment rental, a day’s official ski gear hire costs around $18. Meanwhile, lift passes are priced at approximately $11. In addition to skiing, the resort offers a variety of traditional Moroccan street food, available for purchase from locally-owned stalls.

Accommodation in Morocco can be relatively inexpensive, with dormitory-style rooms averaging $10-15 per night. For couples or those seeking privacy, a private double room typically ranges between $25-30 per night.

In summary, skiing in Morocco’s Oukaïmeden resort offers affordability and adventure for travelers of various budgets. With reasonable pricing for equipment rental, lift passes, and accommodations, this destination provides a unique skiing experience in the stunning High Atlas Mountains.