10 Reasons To Visit Casablanca (Morocco Travel Guide)



Casablanca is a vibrant city with a long history and culture stretching back thousands of years.

It is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists, who come to experience its vibrant art, welcoming locals, and amazing culinary experiences.

10 Reasons To Visit Casablanca (Morocco Travel Guide)

Whether you’re looking for a fun beach vacation or an incredible cultural experience, Casablanca has something for everyone – here are 10 reasons why you should consider visiting this amazing city.

1. The Art Deco Style Architecture

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Casablanca is a bustling city that will take you back in time with its Art Deco architecture.

French architects embraced the 20th-century Art Deco style movement and left their mark on the city, creating many historic buildings

Unfortunately, some of these buildings are in a state of disrepair, while some others are maintained well.

This neighborhood is a slice of how authentic Moroccan history is as a colony that is French, and it’s worth exploring for its unique architecture.

In Casablanca, you can find plenty of examples of this style of architecture, from grandiose government buildings to small family homes. 

2. The Food Is Incredible

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Casablanca is a city that offers an exciting and diverse culinary experience. From traditional Moroccan dishes to international cuisine, there is something for everyone. 

One of the most popular restaurants in Casablanca is Blend, a burger joint that serves up gourmet burgers with all the fixings.

The atmosphere at blend is always lively, and it can be hard to get a table during peak hours. 

For those looking for something more refined, Le Cabestan is a waterfront restaurant that offers an upscale dining experience with stunning views of the harbor.

3. The Nightlife Scene

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Casablanca has plenty of options if you’re searching for the perfect nightlife. La Bodega is a Spanish-style tapas bar where people gather for drinks and conversation in a fun atmosphere. 

There are also plenty of bars and clubs throughout the city where you can dance the night away or just relax with friends over cocktails. 

Whether you’re looking for fine dining or just want to have some fun, Casablanca has something to offer everyone when it comes to food and nightlife.

4. Visiting Mosque Hassan II

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Mosque Hassan II in Casablanca, Morocco is a must-see for any traveler. Sitting on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, it’s one of the world’s largest mosques and Morocco’s top architectural wonder. 

Commissioned by King Hassan II, it took seven years to build and can hold up to 25,000 worshipers.

The mosque offers visitors a rare opportunity to take a tour and learn more about Islamic culture and architecture.

Tours are offered in several languages at set times daily, except on Fridays.

During the tour, you will be able to explore the intricate details of the mosque’s design and learn about its history and significance to Moroccan culture. 

5. Plenty Of Markets To Explore

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The markets in Casablanca are a great way to explore the city and get a glimpse into the Moroccan resident’s daily life. 

To make sure you get an authentic experience, consider taking a tour with a local guide who can show you around and explain what you’re seeing.

This will give you an insight into the culture that you wouldn’t otherwise get from just browsing through the stalls.

6. Exploring The Art Scene

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The art scene in Casablanca is growing rapidly, with more and more artists flocking to the city for its inexpensive rents and abundance of buildings that are abandoned. 

One of the most popular spots for art lovers is Les Anciens Abattoirs, which was a former slaughterhouse that has been taken over by a collective of cultural artists and associations known as La Fabrique Culturelle. 

The space has been transformed into a performance and gallery space venue.

7. The Pottery Is Stunning

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Moroccan pottery is a sight to behold. The intricate designs and vibrant colors are truly something special.

Traditional pieces like plates, cups, and platters can be found in every market, but the real showstopper is the tagines. 

These cooking vessels come with a steaming hole in the top and are often decorated with beautiful patterns.

There is a range of quality when it comes to Moroccan pottery, so it’s important to look over pieces carefully before making a purchase.

8. The City Has Some Amazing Villages For Day Trips

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Azemmour is a small village located 88 kilometers south of Casablanca, and it has a long history stretching back to Punic times.

Tourist boards have overlooked this destination, but it is well worth the visit for its historic attractions. 

Exploring these sites is a great way to spend an afternoon, as you can wander aimlessly through the streets or even walk atop the ramparts in some areas.

In addition to its historical sites, Azemmour also boasts one of the best beaches along Morocco’s Atlantic coast.

Located just a couple of kilometers out of town, this beach is still relatively unknown and remains a well-kept secret. 

9. You Can Enjoy The Sea Air

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The Hassan II Mosque is a great place to start your journey along the Corniche road in Casablanca.

From here, you can take in the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and snap some dramatic photographs of the mosque jutting out into the sea. 

The Corniche road then trails west from here, all the way to Ain Diab’s beachfront district.

Here, luxury hotels and restaurants line much of the shoreline, while private beach clubs offer sun worshipers a chance to soak up some rays and take a dip in their swimming pools. 

10. You Can Explore The Medina In Casablanca

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Casablanca’s medina is a bustling and vibrant area of the city, with a maze-like network of alleyways that are full of life. 

Although it doesn’t have the same historic atmosphere as other Moroccan medinas, it still offers an interesting experience for visitors. 

The medina is a combination of market streets and residential areas, making it a great place to get a feel for Casablanca life.

There are also some interesting shrines dedicated to local Muslim holy men located in its southern section. 

Final Thoughts

Casablanca is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to explore its vibrant culture, take in the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, or just relax on one of its many beaches, there’s no shortage of things to do and see here.