Morocco Quad Biking: An Adventure Like No Other



Quad biking is one of the best ways of exploring remote regions of Morocco that might otherwise be inaccessible. Various areas in Morocco offer quad biking tours over a variety of dramatic landscapes and at different skill levels.

Morocco is home to some fantastic and varied quad biking spots! The high-contrast landscapes offer exciting tours to beautiful places. Some of the best places for quad biking are the interior desert around Marrakech, Atlas Mountains, Dades Valley, Sahara Desert, and Merzouga desert.

Read on for all the essential information about quad biking in Morocco, including the best places for quad biking and the unique benefits of each, as well as some handy tips for quad biking in Morocco!

The Top Morroco Quad Bike Experiences

Quad and Camel Combination Tour


Discover the beauty of Marrakech’s palm oasis on a thrilling quad bike ride, then relax on a peaceful camel ride with Dunes & Deserts’ Quad and Camel Combination Tour.

  • Rev up your adrenaline as you speed through the stunning Palmeraie on a powerful quad bike, taking in the breathtaking natural beauty of Marrakech’s palm oasis as you ride through palm trees in a palm grove.
  • Unleash your inner nomad and experience the timeless appeal of the desert as you ride atop a peaceful camel, savouring the serene atmosphere and the sense of peace that only the desert can offer.
  • Marvel at the majestic rock formations in the rocky desert and the stunning panoramas that Marrakech’s surroundings offer, as you combine the best of both worlds, a thrilling ride and a relaxing excursion.
  • Let the experienced guides show you the way as they lead you safely through the desert, helping you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You will discover berber villages, drink mint tea and relax in palm groves.
  • Don’t miss the chance to book this unforgettable tour and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Agafay Quad Biking Tour 1 Day


Unleash Your Inner Explorer with Dunes & Deserts’ Lalla Takerkoust and Agafay Quad Biking Tour

Hop on a powerful quad bike and explore the beautiful natural landscapes of Lalla Takerkoust and Agafay with Dunes & Deserts’ thrilling quad biking tour.

  • Get off the beaten track and explore the stunning landscapes of Lalla Takerkoust and Agafay, as you ride through the beautiful desert and discover hidden gems that few tourists have ever seen.
  • Speed up and feel the rush of adrenaline as you zip past dry riverbeds, small Berber villages, and towering rock formations, enjoying the stunning panoramas and the fresh desert air.
  • Enjoy the company of expert guides who will take you on a safe, yet unforgettable adventure, sharing with you their knowledge of the area and taking you to the most exciting spots.
  • Don’t just stick to the typical tourist hotspots – unleash your inner explorer and discover a whole new side of Marrakech. Explore the stunning natural landscapes of Lalla Takerkoust and Agafay in a thrilling, unique way, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Where Are The Best Places For Quad Biking In Morocco?

There are several great areas of Morocco for your quad biking adventure, each catering to different difficulty levels and interests. So, what are the best spots for quad biking in Morocco, and what do they each offer?

The Atlas Mountains Are Great For Quad Biking

Consisting of the High Atlas, Middle Atlas, and Ante Atlas, these rugged mountains provide striking rocky and desert scenery. Quad bike routes wind through steep gorges and passes for those exploring the area on quad bikes.

The quad biking routes through the Atlas Mountains are typically more challenging than others in Morocco. These should be attempted by more advanced quad bikers, as the trails can be treacherous, with steep drops below.

However, these trails are also hugely exciting and challenging, giving quad bikers unique glimpses of the dramatic mountain landscape. So, if you think you’re up to quad biking in the Atlas Mountains, we definitely recommend it!

Marrakech Quad Biking

Marrakech provides many quad riding opportunities, as there are many tour agencies in the city. These offer different quad biking experiences, with different routes and levels of difficulty, depending on what you are looking for.

The inland desert is the most popular area to explore from Marrakech and is accessible on a day’s off-road tour from the city.

The desert landscape is sparely inhabited, allowing you to truly focus on the picturesque and hauntingly beautiful scenery. You may pass significant old cultural and spiritual sights on your tours, which are well worth the stop and appreciation.

The desert is generally flat and easy-going, interspersed with large dunes. The landscape makes the inland desert a perfect area to explore for quad bike beginners, as you gain a lot of scenic rewards without too much risk.

The Sahara Desert Is Another Great Quad Biking Spot

The Sahara Desert can provide another exciting place for desert quad biking in Morocco. The terrain here is slightly less flat, and tours can lead you over dunes, through valleys, and vast rocky landscapes.

Quad biking in the Sahara Desert is only accessible through Morocco, which makes this a unique opportunity! The best place to arrange quad biking tours of the Sahara Desert is from M’hamid.

Explore The Merzouga Desert’s Soaring Dunes On Quad Bike

One of Morocco’s most popular tourist destinations, the Merzouga desert is a great place for more thrilling quad biking tours.

The Merzouga Desert boasts incredibly high dunes, which may be hundreds of meters tall! Quad biking over these dunes makes for a unique and fun adventure, perfect for adrenaline junkies and desert lovers alike!

The sunsets over the Merzouga Desert are also renowned for their beauty. So, if possible, why not book a late afternoon to evening quad biking tour?

The Dades Valley Is A Popular Quad Biking Spot In Morocco

Located in the Atlas Mountains, the Dades Valley is another popular quad biking destination in Morocco.

The Dades Valley draws quad bikers for its scenic routes through dramatic gorges, towering cliffs, and desert landscapes, which all make for an exciting and challenging tour.

Tours are generally 20-30 km long and often include opportunities to visit Berber villages and glimpse the traditional way of life there. Often they will include a visit to a local Berber house or Berber village and meeting a traditional Berber family.

There are also shorter and less challenging quad biking routes around the Dades Valley, which are suitable for beginners and older or younger family members.

Can You Go Quad Biking In Morocco?

Quad biking is one of the best ways to see some of the more off-the-road sights of Morocco, and there are many opportunities to go on quad biking tours in the country.

Quad biking allows you to explore small rural villages and breathtaking isolated landscapes and thus experience the scenery and culture of the country in a uniquely intimate way.

Generally, to go quad biking in Morocco, you will need to join a tour group. You and your entourage will be provided with quad bikes, helmets, and a guide to ensure you keep your way on the trail.

These tours often stop at interesting cultural sights in the region, such as local Berber villages, ancient spiritual sites, or even camel rides, which will further expand your perception of this beautiful country.

Things to remember when considering going quad biking in Morocco:

  • Quad biking is hard work! Quad biking, particularly over steep or stony ground, is physically demanding and should not be attempted by the frail, elderly, or very young.
  • Match your route to your level of skill on a quad bike. Moroccan quad biking trails come in a range of difficulties. Make sure that you choose a tour matching your abilities and experience on a quad bike.
  • Consider taking a beginner’s lesson. If you are not comfortable on a quad bike, consider taking a beginner’s or recap lesson before the main tour.
  • Always make sure you have protective gear. At the very least, you need a helmet, goggles, and gloves.
  • Remember your water and sunscreen! Long rides in the desert can be very dehydrating, so don’t forget to take a big bottle of water with you! Lather on the sunscreen before you go because the sun can be scorching.

What To Wear For Quad Biking In Morocco?

When preparing to go quad biking in Morocco, you may be wondering what to wear.

Most important is your protective gear. You should be provided with a helmet, gloves, and goggles (to protect your eyes from the dust) by the tour company.

You should wear full coverage clothes (shorts and T-shirts are discouraged) that are loose fitting and comfortable to move in. These clothes will protect you against flying sand or in the unlikely event of a fall and keep you cool.

It’s recommended to wear old clothes, as you’re sure to get a little grubby, especially if the weather is wet! You should also wear sturdy boots or trainers with a good grip. These shoes will keep you comfortable and supported on the bike.

What Is The Age Restriction On Quad Biking In Morocco?

Quad biking is suitable for almost all ages and thus makes a great family activity for those with older children.

Children aged fourteen and older can drive their own quad bikes on tours, and younger children can ride on one of the adult’s bikes.

These regulations mean that no matter the ages of your children, you can all enjoy quad biking in Morocco and take in the wonderful sights together.


Quad biking is a popular adventure-based way to explore Morocco’s diverse terrain, beautiful scenery, and far-flung settlements while escaping the frenetic cities.

Quad bike tours can be arranged in many areas of Morocco, including the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech, and the Sahara Desert. Tour difficulty varies, so everyone, even beginners and young family members, can join!


Some of the excursions will offer extras on top of the quads like Moroccan tea, camel riding or Hot Air ballooning to accompany your quad ride to make it truly amazing. Some are half day tour whilst others will be a full day with a break private tour going through local villages or high atlas mountains. Some will arrange a pick-up from your hotel, check out the dunes and atv tours to see what they offer!

We guarantee all will be so much fun but do check out each one’s itiniry for the day trip, make sure to go off the beaten tracks, look for ones which include the Marrakech palm grove or go through dry rivers in the Agafay desert. Just make sure to have an expert guide, meet the locals and do some unusual activity, oh, and have a great time!

FAQs about Quad Biking in Morocco

What kind of terrain can I expect to ride on during a quad biking tour in Morocco?

Quad biking tours in Morocco can take you through a variety of terrains, including deserts, mountain foothills, forests, and palm oases. Depending on the tour, you may ride on dirt paths, dry riverbeds, sand dunes, or rocky terrain.

Do I need any experience to ride a quad bike in Morocco?

Most quad biking tours in Morocco are suitable for beginners, and no prior experience is required. The tours are led by experienced guides who will provide instruction and make sure that you are comfortable and safe on the quad bike.

Are quad biking tours in Morocco safe?

Quad biking tours in Morocco can be safe as long as you follow the instructions of the guide, wear appropriate safety gear, and ride within your abilities. It’s important to choose a reputable tour operator with experienced guides and well-maintained equipment.

Is it necessary to have a driver’s license to ride a quad bike in Morocco?

Most quad biking tours in Morocco do not require a driver’s license. However, it’s a good idea to check with the tour operator in advance to see if they have any age or license requirements.