Morocco Nightlife



Morocco is a vibrant country with plenty of things to do and the cities come alive at night time. After a full day of trekking or leisure activities, you should get a second wind when the sun goes down.

That may mean ultra-cool modern bars or more traditional and chilled forms of nightlife amongst the locals.

Morocco Nightlife

You could find yourself sipping cocktails on a rooftop bar, partying until the early hours, or enjoy people-watching the locals as they enjoy the evening.

In this guide, we will detail the nightlife in Morocco. We will look at the traditional nightlife to be sampled as well as theatre and opera in Marrakech. There are also rooftop bars, cocktail bars, and clubbing to enjoy too.

Traditional Nightlife

Morocco is a diverse country so you should expect some diversity in its nightlife.

While there are some modern catches like rooftop bars and clubbing, you can learn so much about a country’s culture through its traditional nightlife which has been enjoyed by generations.

In Morocco, you should note that the primary religion is Islam and although you can get served alcohol, some of the best nightlife does not include such vices.

One traditional form of nightlife in Morocco is a folklore show where you can enjoy a meal followed by peppermint tea, and some live music.

There are also cabaret shows where you can enjoy a most traditional form of North African entertainment; belly dancing. In Marrakech, the medina is alive for the entire day but takes on a different vibe at nighttime.

The main square is Jemaa el-Fna with a souk that opens up late at a time when you may prefer to do your shopping and enjoy some tasty street food instead of a sit down meal.

The medina has almost a carnival atmosphere with acrobats, live music, and street performers. You can watch the locals play traditional games or simply listen to the Gnawa musicians.

This is also a sensational place for several senses as you can take in the heady smell of fresh spices and delicious food as the gas lanterns bring a homely atmosphere.

If there is an event that you will want to schedule your visit for then it is likely to be the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival.

This is held during summer so it may be quite hot but is the best time to see some traditional performances. These include fire-swallowers as well as musicians, dancers, and local folk culture being performed.

In Agadir, the coolest place to be is typically Avenue Oued Souss and Boulevard 20 Aout for a real Moroccan experience.

There should be dancefloors aplenty but also some seated areas in the bars to chill out with your friends and loved ones.

The city of Fes is known as Morocco’s cultural capital so their version of nightlife is centered around their restaurant scene.

There are still venues to head to after a delicious authentic Moroccan meal, one includes Riad Fes which has the appearance of a Moroccan palace complete with pillars and Alcazar aesthetics.

Theatre And Opera In Marrakech

For a refined way to spend an evening in Marrakech, head to their Royal Theatre which is a performance venue that comes with an open-air amphitheater.

The theatre itself is a stunning building with columns and a cupola. Only available for outdoor performances, once the theatre has been renovated it should be a stunning attraction.

Rooftop Bars

Depending on when you visit Morocco, you should be able to enjoy drinks on the roof with a view. Should the night be warm and balmy then there are few better reasons to head up to the roof with a drink in hand.

In Marrakech, seek out Les Jardins de la Koutoubia which overlooks the Koutoubia Mosque but without the crowds. Then there is Kosybar where you can tick off enjoying a cocktail on top of the roof of a Riad as the sun sets.

Imagine the view with the ocean in the far background with the busy medina going on underneath.

Agadir is a great city to do just that to spend a few hours on a rooftop terrace bar and it is comparably less busy.

With a more chilled vibe, you may find yourself sipping on a more traditional mint tea. Should you need a bit of a caffeine boost after a long day, try a dauntingly strong coffee from a local café.

In Casablanca, try the view from the top of the Kenzi Tower Hotel while listening to some jazz music.

Cocktail Bars

For a more glamorous night out without the mega-clubs, try Casablanca. Though the city has been updated since the eponymous film of 1942, it still feels a little Western with a sophisticated feel.

If you want to stick to one area, head to La Corniche which is in the Ain Daib neighborhood where you can find cocktail bars, Atlantic beach clubs, and some great restaurants.

Though you can likely still order the cocktails that were being served back in the day of Casablanca, the bars in the city will have a modern feel.

Some of the best ones are served at the Brooklyn Bar. Then there is the Hyatt Regency Hotel, step inside and you should find Black House which is a getaway for tourists and even the locals.


While there are many traditional aspects to the nightlife in Marrakech, the city does accept that many will want a more modern experience.

If you do want to go clubbing, try Pacha which is popular, though perhaps not as debauched as the one in Ibiza.

It does have a capacity of 3,000 with a pool bar and some of the world’s most-renowned DJs.

In most of the clubs, you can expect a mix of Moroccan and international music with genres ranging from electronic to hip-hop, pop, and dance music.

You can expect a cover charge on many of the clubs in Marrakech, including Pacha, and it can vary.

Typically, the amount is between 100 and 200 Moroccan dirhams which is around $10 to $20 USD. However, that fee tends to include one or a couple of drinks which does help.

Just like anywhere else in the world, you can expect to pay more on big events like New Year’s Eve and some clubs even have a requirement for minimum drink purchases.

There is a difference to how smoking is tolerated in Morocco compared to the West.

Certainly, in most of the clubs in Marrakech you can enjoy a smoke. For those non-smokers, there are designated non-smoking areas.

If you do want to smoke in a club, it is best to check the smoking policy before you decide to light up.

If you find yourself in the city of Rabat and you are looking for a place to hit every desire of your group, try The SO Lounge.

The venue combines a bar with an international restaurant for the early evening before you head to the nightclub and recover in the comfy seating of their chill out zone.

Then again, you may want to head to a mega-club, in which case do not forget to try Amnésia which has a capacity of 1,000 and the reputation as the best club in the country.

Final Thoughts

The nightlife certainly pops in Morocco and that is mainly the case whichever city you find yourself in.

For traditional Moroccan nightlife, head to the main square of Jemaa el-Fna though you may want to escape the hustle and bustle.

There are rooftop bars where you can enjoy a libation while watching the sun go down, best seen over the ocean on the Atlantic coast.

Even though it feels a world away, you can still find a modern cocktail and even mega-clubs if you want a night closer to what you would expect at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Still Drink Alcohol While In Morocco?

Though the primary religion in Morocco is Islam, it is still possible to drink alcohol while in Morocco.

Indeed, alcohol is widely served in the bars and nightclubs without any restrictions on how much is consumed though it is recommended that you drink in moderation.

Pay your respects to the local way of life as public drunkenness is simply not tolerated. You could risk a sizable fine or even arrest if you were caught drinking alcohol in public.

What Constitutes A Dress Club For The Clubbing?

One of the best cities to go clubbing in Morocco is Marrakech and there is some sort of unspoken dress code for their clubs. Men should wear pants and to look formal they should put on a collared shirt.

The dress code is looser for women yet, just like the consumption of alcohol, remember that acting conservative is key.