Morocco Adventures



Traveling to Morocco and want a tour operator who can ensure that you get the most out of your trip?

Morocco Adventures

One of the best tour operators in the business has to be Morocco Adventures. Specializing in Morocco and giving you the best, most authentic traveling experience, this tour operator is a great choice. 

However, don’t just take our word for this blindly, look at all that we found out!

What Are Morocco Adventures

Morocco Adventures is a tour operator that specializes in Morocco, if you want an authentic travel experience in Morocco then this is the place for you to start looking. 

All of their local partners are ‘locals’ who grew up in the area and identify well with the region they specialize in, they all want to make a difference to their region and those who live in it. 

This is a big benefit to having a tour with Morocco Adventures as they can take paths that only locals are familiar with and will provide you with whole new experiences on your travels.

The aim is to take you where adventure is thickest and right for you, and for locals to benefit from it. 

They do tours in small groups of 8 people maximum, there is more opportunity to get in touch with the country, its culture and people. This all allows you to experience Morocco in a whole new way.

Morocco Adventures Trips

Morocco Adventures offer different types of trips, including the following: 

  1. Desert & Safari
  2. Mountains & Hiking
  3. Beach & Sea
  4. Culture & People
  5. Markets & City Life

Morocco Adventures tours include 6 awesome experiences that vary greatly in the experience you will get from them. These include: 

  1. The Atlas Mountains Trekking Trip, lasting 8 days costing 915 Euros
  2. The Desert Trekking Morocco trip, lasting 10 days and costing 1,290 Euros
  3. The Experience South Morocco Desert & Mountains Trip, lasting 6 days for 510 Euros.
  4. The Morocco Round Trip From Marrakech Trip, lasting 11 days for 1,055 Euros
  5. The Morocco Yoga Retreat From Marrakech, lasting 11 days for 1,455 Euros
  6. The Round Trip of South Morocco & Atlantic, lasting 9 days for 895 Euros

Morocco Adventures tours can be completed in small travel groups of 8 people, or even individually (but, we will get into that later). Their trips are based on fair tourism and sustainability. 

Offering authentic travels, planned out by genuine Morocco experts, these trips are bookable online like any normal online shop.

Morocco Adventures Destinations

Morocco Adventures focuses on 5 specific destinations for travelers, these include: 

  1. Southern Morocco
  2. The Mediterranean Coast
  3. The Atlantic Coast
  4. The Atlas Mountains & Central Morocco
  5. The Cities

Southern Morocco is best to view high mountains, a clear starlit sky and gentle dunes. It is best explored going from Marrakech, where the Atlas Mountains are found in the North and the East border to Algeria nearby. It is ideal for those who want to experience the solitude of the desert.

The Mediterranean Coast is best for those who want to leave behind the Atlantic Coast cliché, and experience a different aspect of the Moroccan coastline.

Find leisure activities, dreamy landscape, and a fusion of Mediterranean and North African cultures here.

The Atlantic Coast is most popular for sports, cultural diversity, and recreational activities. It is ideal for divers, surfers, and water sports.

It has a unique aspect of North African culture too, and welcoming locals. It is full of perfect waves, natural bays and glistening colorful cities. 

The Atlas Mountains & Central Morocco is best for those who fancy exploring from the Atlantic all the way to Tunisia.

The Atlas Mountains stretch right across the Northwest of Africa, they border the Sahara and are a sight for any sore eyes sick of seeing cities. 

You can experience climatic zones and become well acquainted with the country and those who live there all while exploring the gorgeous natural wonders of this country.

The Moroccan Cities destinations can be ideal for those who want to visit unique and enveloping markets and enjoy metropolises, but fancy something a bit different to what you might experience in many other countries. 

You can enjoy the unique urban centers in Morocco and take a city break here that will take your breath away.

Morocco Adventures Individual Tours

Morocco Adventures also offers individual tours as well (While you’re at it, also check out these Amazing Cruises To Morocco). Whether you are travelling alone, with friends, family or as a small group, there is an opportunity to design your own Morocco trip with Morocco Adventures

Whatever you are itching to experience, this company can use their Moroccan experts to take over the planning, consultation and elaboration to plan your perfect journey

There are no travel modules, just real genuine individual trips. The idea behind this is to save you time from the time consuming job of planning out your own individual trip. 

It is all one source planned, flexible, and you can even get real insider tips to make your trip everything you want it to be! 

All About Morocco Adventures

The mission of this company is to help ensure you get an unforgettable experience but also to protect the local cultures, people, and nature.

It’s an authentic, sustainable, and safe experience that leaves no unwanted footprints but still makes your dreams come true.

Worth Knowing About Morocco Adventures

Worth Knowing About Morocco Adventures

Morocco Adventures offers a lot, including information on the country beforehand as well, going into detail about the procedure for booking, safe travels and all the information you may need about the country. 

Is there anything else you should know? What is good and bad about traveling to Morocco this way?


  • Pre-planned trips.
  • Expert knowledge.
  • Protected/sustainable travel.
  • Plenty of information.
  • Ability to create individual tours based on your wants.


  • Everything is pre-planned.
  • Expensive.
  • May not be ideal for those who prefer to get lost and explore this way.


Morocco Adventure may not be for everyone, but they offer a unique service that protects everyone involved, including the culture and nature of the area. While prices are high, these are experiences you are unlikely to forget soon!