Leisure Activities In Morocco



Many believe Morocco is simply suited to camel riding due to its many sand dunes. This is a theory that lends itself nicely to the TV shows and movies that have used the country as a filming location.

Leisure Activities In Morocco

That includes the films Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, The Mummy, and the TV show Game of Thrones.

Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to do in Morocco than simply riding a camel, and that includes other leisure activities on the sand too.

In this guide, we will look at the various leisure activities that you can partake in when you visit Morocco.

Camel Riding

Leisure Activities In Morocco - Camel Riding

Granted, camel riding is likely the most obvious leisure activity to do in Morocco when there are so many sand dunes on offer.

You could find yourself riding a camel for days across the Sahara desert while dining with the nomads and then camping under a star-filled night.

There are few countries where you can immerse yourself in such local culture and literally put yourself in their shoes.

If anything, count camel riding as more a necessity and a way of life in Morocco, but you can still enjoy it.


Leisure Activities In Morocco - Hiking

There are other ways to get across Morocco that do not involve a stroppy camel and one is simply to hike the distance yourself.

While you trek across the rural landscapes of the country, you can get to know the locals who should help you understand their culture.

If you do want to cover the ground with some help, you try it on horseback or even by a bike and the best areas are typically close to the north though Taghazout is great near Agadir.

There are several mountain ranges to choose from including the Atlas chain as well as the Rif Mountain range. Perhaps one of the most popular regions is in Le Deren in the High Atlas Mountains.

If you do head up to the mountains, remember that they can be beautiful as well as wild so find a qualified guide that you can trust.

Whichever way you go, try not to be ripped off by a local guide who is in hope of gaining a commission.


Leisure Activities In Morocco - Surfing

Though the sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast are well worth exploring, they are becoming known for some great surf.

The waves can be incredible yet it may simply be ideal for those who want to learn without being put off by huge crowds.

Kite Surfing

Leisure Activities In Morocco - Kite Surfing

While surfing may be top of the list for many when they head to the Atlantic coast, kite surfing is worth exploring too.

There are some huge waves and if you want to make the most of them then try some kite surfing in somewhere like Sidi Ifni.

This is an ideal way to spend a windy day, if it seems just a bit too much for surfing. Then again, if you do not fancy kite surfing, you could go paragliding instead.

Sand Boarding

Leisure Activities In Morocco - Sand Boarding

There is more to the sand dunes than just camel riding as you can take on snow boarding too. That does mean a hike up to the top of a sand dune but it is worth it for the speed you can hit coming down.

Try 50 MPH and this may be an epic thrill that is well worth the effort.

If you are interested, head to the small village of Merzouga where you can sand board during the day and camp out under the stars at night to get up to a stunning sunrise.


Leisure Activities In Morocco - Golf

The sport of golf made its mark early on in Morocco, even before football became popular.

You could call it a national passion and players from across the globe have played in major competitions in the country.

As well as the Hassan II Trophy which is competed for annually at the Royal Golf Club at Dar Es-Salam in Rabat there are some great courses to play on.

Anyone who likes a round can find a superb course in Cabo Negro, Ben Slimane, Tangier, Fez, Casablanca, Meknes, Marrakech, and Agadir.


Leisure Activities In Morocco - Atlas Mountains

That’s right, you can go winter cross-country skiing in Morocco, specifically in the Atlas Mountains.

It does weird yet for a country renowned for its desert landscapes, there are some incredible ski slopes in the Middle and the High Atlas Mountains.

As so few people head there for the slopes, you can revel in the lack of crowds and it may turn out to be more cost-effective. Consider the reduced price of accommodation and airfare, particularly from December to April and you may be onto a winner.

Horse Riding

Leisure Activities In Morocco - Essaouira

As well as riding a camel, you can also ride a horse but not across the sand in a dune.

Should you find yourself on the Atlantic coast, specifically in the city of Essaouira you can take in the beach on the back of a horse.

Time the excursion well and you should be able to enjoy a gorgeous sunset. Combine that with the sounds of the crashing waves and it can be an unforgettable experience.

Mountain Biking

Leisure Activities In Morocco - Mountain Biking

You may be surprised at just how rustic Morocco can be in places and mountain biking is encouraged down its valleys.

Head to the Draa Valley in particular and you can take part in this exhilarating activity.

The valley itself is well worth visiting at a sedate pace due to the sands and how they contrast with the red rocks and green palm trees. Find the river and follow it for some incredible views at speed.

Rock Climbing

Leisure Activities In Morocco - Rock Climbing

There are some superb places for the great outdoors and that includes Morocco where you can go canyoning in the Middle Atlas.

However, the country is on many a climber’s must-do lists as it is an underrated spot for outdoor climbing.

As rock climbing becomes increasingly popular, Morocco stands out simply because so much of the landscape is yet to be conquered.

For some truly awesome mountain spots, try the Todra Gorge which can be challenging and ever so rewarding.

Final Thoughts

You may be stupefied by simply the variety of leisure activities you could do in Morocco.

While the country is well known for its desert landscapes, there is more to do than just camel riding and sand boarding.

In the rocky landscapes, you can go mountain biking, rock climbing, or go for a hike.

It may be more surprising to learn that the country is also a great place for surfing or golf which may be ideal if you want to enjoy the sport without the crowds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Aerial Sports Can You Partake In While Visiting Morocco?

As well as some great surf, and even some cross-country skiing, you can definitely enjoy some aerial sports in Morocco.

Some of these include hot air balloon rides which can be a great way to see the epic landscapes from above. You could also try parachute gliding, hang-gliding, and parachuting.

Why Is Morocco Such A Great Destination For Motorsports?

With such a diverse landscape, Morocco can seem to be a great challenge for many drivers.

This is largely why you can find so many international competitions including the Atlas rallies and the Paris-Dakar route.

There are simply thousands of challenging track where you could go in a quad or a four-wheel drive.

Then there is The Friendship Raid where motorbikes and four-wheel drives are eligible on the track that runs from Tangier to Rabat and takes in the Sahara Desert as well as the Atlas Mountains (Also check out these Amazing Mountains In Morocco).