Discover the Magic: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Tours of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco



Are you dreaming of exploring the sun-soaked landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cultures of the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa? Your adventure awaits in the enchanting lands of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco!

This ultimate guide will take you through the most captivating tours and experiences these countries have to offer, helping you create lifelong memories and immerse yourself in their diverse traditions.

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Planning Your Trip

Before embarking on your journey, it’s essential to determine the best time to visit, organise your travel documents, and pack smartly. In general, spring and autumn provide the most pleasant weather, allowing you to avoid the scorching summer heat and tourist crowds.

Make sure to check visa requirements and ensure your passport is up to date. When packing, remember to include comfortable shoes, versatile clothing, and adaptors for your electronic devices.

Top Tours in Spain

Spain offers a myriad of fascinating experiences, from the breathtaking Andalusian cities of Seville, Cordoba, and Granada to the bustling metropolis of Barcelona. Venture through Catalonia, discovering Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces, such as the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. Follow in the footsteps of pilgrims on the Way of St. James, culminating in the awe-inspiring Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Top Tours in Portugal

Delight in Portugal’s diverse offerings, from the charming streets of Lisbon and the fairy-tale palaces of Sintra to the wine-lover’s paradise of Porto and the Douro Valley.

Explore the Algarve, a region renowned for its dramatic coastline, sun-drenched beaches, and vibrant nightlife.

Top Tours in Morocco

Morocco’s mesmerising landscape invites travellers to explore the bustling Jemaa el-Fna Square in Marrakech, wander through the ancient medina of Fes, and experience the magic of the Sahara Desert. Camel treks, desert camps, and stunning dunes are just a few of the unforgettable experiences awaiting you in this North African gem.

Multi-Country Tours: Spain, Portugal, and Morocco Combined

Why not make the most of your adventure by combining these three captivating countries in a single trip? Consider an Iberian adventure through Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona or a journey that uncovers the Moorish legacy of Seville, Granada, and Marrakech.

For a coastal extravaganza, explore the Algarve, Tangier, and the Costa del Sol.

Off the Beaten Path: Lesser-Known Destinations

If you’re looking to escape the crowds, consider visiting lesser-known destinations such as Ronda, Cuenca, and Bilbao in Spain, Coimbra, Aveiro, and Madeira in Portugal, or Chefchaouen, Essaouira, and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Family-Friendly Tours

Travelling with children? Don’t worry, there are plenty of kid-friendly attractions and activities to enjoy in all three countries. From zoos and amusement parks to engaging museums and interactive workshops, your family will never experience a dull moment.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities

For those seeking adrenaline-pumping experiences, the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco offer a wealth of options, including hiking, trekking, water sports, and mountain biking. Embark on an adventure that suits your interests and fitness level, and create unforgettable memories along the way.

Food and Wine Experiences

A journey through Spain, Portugal, and Morocco would be incomplete without indulging in the local flavours. From savouring tapas in Spain to delighting in Portugal’s pastéis de nata and feasting on Moroccan tagines, your taste buds will be in for a treat.

As you continue your culinary journey, don’t forget to explore the diverse wine regions of the Iberian Peninsula and learn about the art of Moroccan mint tea. Wine tasting experiences in Spain and Portugal will introduce you to the rich flavours of local grapes, while a traditional Moroccan tea ceremony will immerse you in the region’s customs.

Cultural Immersion: Understanding Local Customs and Traditions

Delve deeper into the local customs and traditions of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco to truly understand their unique cultures. Experience the passion of flamenco, the intensity of bullfighting, and the solemn beauty of Semana Santa in Spain.

In Portugal, embrace the soulful sounds of Fado music, the stunning azulejo tiles, and the lively São João Festival. Discover Berber culture, henna art, and Gnawa music in Morocco.

Accommodation Options: Where to Stay

When it comes to accommodation, there’s no shortage of options in these three countries. From historic Spanish paradores and Portuguese pousadas to traditional Moroccan riads, you’ll find a variety of choices that cater to different tastes and budgets.

Transportation: Getting Around

Efficient transport systems make it easy to navigate Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. High-speed trains, buses, and car rentals are popular options in Spain, while Portugal offers metro, trams, and scenic train journeys.

In Morocco, you can rely on grand taxis, shared taxis, and domestic flights to reach your destination.

Safety and Health Considerations

To ensure a safe and enjoyable trip, consider purchasing travel insurance and familiarise yourself with local emergency contacts. Stay healthy by keeping up to date with vaccinations, practising good food safety habits, and maintaining hygiene.

Be aware of potential scams and stay vigilant to keep yourself safe throughout your journey.

Language and Communication

Although English is widely spoken in tourist areas, learning a few useful phrases in Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic can enhance your travel experience. Don’t be afraid to use gestures or translation apps to help overcome language barriers.

Sustainable Tourism: Travelling Responsibly

As a responsible traveller, you can support local communities and businesses, reduce your environmental impact, and respect cultural and historical sites. By embracing sustainable tourism, you’ll leave a positive impact on the places you visit and the people you encounter.

Trip Planning Resources

To further assist you in planning your adventure, we’ve compiled a list of recommended guidebooks, websites, and useful apps for travelling in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. These resources will provide you with valuable insights, tips, and tools to make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Customising Your Tour: Tailoring the Perfect Itinerary

To create a truly memorable adventure, consider tailoring your itinerary to suit your personal interests and preferences. Choose the right tour operator that understands your needs, and work together to strike a balance between cultural, historical, and leisure activities. This personalised approach will ensure you make the most of your time in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Solo Travel vs Group Tours

Whether you prefer solo travel or joining organised group tours, both options have their unique benefits. Solo travel offers flexibility, independence, and the opportunity to make new friends along the way. On the other hand, group tours provide structure, social interaction, and the expertise of a knowledgeable guide. Whatever your preference, be sure to make the most of your travel experience.

Budgeting Your Trip

Budgeting is an important aspect of planning your trip. Consider the cost of accommodation, dining, and activities in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, and allocate your finances accordingly. Look for money-saving tips and take advantage of local deals. Additionally, familiarise yourself with local currency exchange rates and manage your finances wisely while abroad.

Accessible Travel: Tips for Travellers with Disabilities

Accessibility is an important consideration for travellers with disabilities. Research the accessibility of tourist sites, accommodation, and transportation in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco to ensure your needs are met. Look for resources and organisations that specialise in accessible travel to help you plan your trip.

LGBTQ+ Travel: Navigating the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco

For LGBTQ+ travellers, it’s important to understand the cultural sensitivities and legal frameworks in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Spain and Portugal are both LGBTQ+ friendly destinations, while Morocco has more conservative attitudes. With some research and preparation, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable travel experience in all three countries.

Photography and Capturing Memories

Capture the essence of your journey by taking stunning photos of the spectacular sights and unforgettable experiences in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Seek out the best photography spots, and use our tips for taking amazing travel photos. Always respect local customs and seek permission when photographing people or sensitive locations.

Shopping and Souvenirs: Bringing Home a Piece of Your Adventure

Bring home a piece of your adventure by purchasing traditional crafts and products from Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Navigate local markets, learn the art of bargaining, and discover unique souvenirs to remind you of your incredible journey. Be aware of customs regulations and restrictions on specific items to avoid any complications when returning home.

A Taste of Local Nightlife

Experience the nightlife of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco by visiting tapas bars, flamenco shows, fado houses, and rooftop bars. Dance the night away at clubs in Spain and Portugal, or enjoy traditional music and night markets in Morocco. No matter your preference, there’s a nightlife experience for everyone.

Staying Connected: Phone and Internet Options

Staying connected while travelling is important for many travellers. Research mobile phone networks and international roaming options in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Make use of Wi-Fi hotspots, internet cafes, and communication apps to stay in touch with friends and family back home.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The captivating countries of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco offer a wealth of diverse experiences, cultural treasures, and stunning landscapes. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to embrace the magic of these destinations and create unforgettable memories. So, go ahead and embark on the adventure of a lifetime, and don’t forget to share your experiences with others to inspire their own incredible journeys!

FAQS for best tours of spain portugal and morocco

How do I travel between Spain, Portugal, and Morocco?

You can travel between these countries by air, ferry, or train. Numerous flights connect major cities, while ferries operate between Spain and Morocco as well as between Spain and Portugal. High-speed trains connect many cities within Spain and Portugal, and a bus or train can be taken to reach the ferry port for Morocco.

How long should I spend in each country?

The ideal duration depends on your interests and available time. For a shorter trip, consider spending 5-7 days in each country. For a more immersive experience, allocate at least 10-14 days per country, allowing for a deeper exploration of the destinations.

Which attractions should I prioritise?

In Spain, don’t miss Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, and Cordoba. In Portugal, Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, and the Algarve are must-visits. In Morocco, Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, and the Sahara Desert are essential stops.

Do I need a visa to visit Spain, Portugal, and Morocco?

Visa requirements depend on your nationality. Most EU, US, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand citizens can enter Spain and Portugal without a visa for short stays (up to 90 days). For Morocco, many nationalities can enter visa-free for up to 90 days, but it’s essential to check the specific requirements for your country of origin.

What languages are spoken in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco?

The official languages are Spanish in Spain, Portuguese in Portugal, and Arabic in Morocco. English is widely spoken in tourist areas, but learning a few basic phrases in the local languages can be helpful and appreciated.

What currency is used in each country?

In Spain and Portugal, the currency is the Euro (€). In Morocco, the currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). It’s advisable to have some local currency on hand for smaller purchases and tips.

Is it safe to travel to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco?

Generally, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco are considered safe destinations for travellers. However, it’s essential to be aware of your surroundings, exercise caution in crowded areas, and follow common-sense safety practices to ensure a worry-free trip.

What is the food like in each country?

Spain is famous for tapas, paella, and churros. Portugal offers dishes like bacalhau (salted cod), pastéis de nata (custard tarts), and caldo verde (kale soup). Moroccan cuisine is known for tagines, couscous, and mint tea. Be prepared to experience a diverse and delicious array of flavours in each country.

Can I drink tap water in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco?

Tap water is safe to drink in Spain and Portugal. However, in Morocco, it is recommended to drink bottled water or use a water purification method to avoid potential stomach issues.

What is the best way to get around within each country?

In Spain and Portugal, trains, buses, and car rentals are the most convenient options for getting around. In Morocco, grand taxis, shared taxis, and domestic flights are popular choices for intercity travel, while walking or hiring a local guide is best for navigating the medinas.