13 Amazing Cruises To Morocco



The Kingdom of Morocco is a beautiful country in North Africa. To the north, they have the Mediterranean Sea and to the west, they have the Atlantic Ocean.

Just a stone’s throw away from Morocco you can see other hot countries such as Spain and Portugal.

13 Amazing Cruises To Morocco

Because of their proximity, hundreds of cruises cross the oceans reaching Europe and Africa in a matter of days.

Below are the best cruises which not just visit Morocco, but allow you to truly explore the country while on vacation. 

1. 6 Day Itinerary – Royal Clipper – Spain & Morocco

This cruise is dedicated to both Spain and Morocco, however, your journey starts in Portugal.

When you reach Spain, you will be taken on an African experience through the city of Cadiz. The churches have dome architecture, the trees are mostly palm and the colors are as rich and festive as the continent. 

On day 4 you’ll reach Morocco. Here you can leave the ship and explore the wildlife that surrounds the area. You will visit Gibraltar, where you can see apes in the forests and dolphins in Gibraltar Bay.

2. 13 Day Itinerary – Royal Clipper – Spain, Morocco and Portugal

This cruise is very similar to the first, however, you can spend more time in each location and explore more that the country has to offer. More cities, more beaches, and more culture to discover.

One of the best Morocco places you will visit is Tangier. Tangier was the model for the film Casablanca (despite Casablanca being a real place), and you can see how the film was inspired by the charm of the area.

3. 25 Day Itinerary – Star Clipper – Malaga to Barbados

Also known as the Ocean Crossing, this cruise has the most stays in Morocco so far. You will travel from Spain to Tangier, Morocco.

On the 5th day, you’ll reach Casablanca, Morocco, and on the 6th you’ll be in Safi, Morocco.

Each area has its own spark. Tangier holds a wonderful mixture of culture, Casablanca has a romantic mystery about it, while Safi is modern and alive with activity. 

4. 11 Day Itinerary – Sea Cloud – Malaga to Morocco

Known as the Ornate Heritage of the Moors, this cruise balances cultural learning with gorgeous views.

Every landscape will have picture-perfect backdrops, whether it’s the wonder of nature or the beauty of old towns.

On this journey, you will visit Spain and Morocco, traveling from Tangier to Casablanca and finally to Agadir before heading back to Spain.

5. 10 Day Itinerary – Star Clipper – Morocco & Canary Islands

This cruise is very similar to our third suggestion. Just replace the Spanish destinations with the Canary Islands. 

These destinations include Arrecife and Puerto Del Rosario. Gold sand beaches, beautiful reefs, and ancient drawbridges with stories of pirates. There is so much to explore in the Canary Islands.

6. 10 Day Itinerary – Star Flyer – Morocco & Canary Islands

The Star Flyer ship is what makes this cruise different. Star Flyer and Star Clipper are sister ships. They have 4 masts each and 21 sails. They can both hold 170 guests and create the aesthetic of a pirate ship.

The only real difference is in the aesthetics. The Star Flyer has taller masks creating an ancient feeling. The Star Clipper has shorter masks creating a more intimate experience.

7. 8 Day Itinerary – Le Dumont-d’Urville – Morocco To Spain

The main highlights of this tour include visiting the Alhambra Palace, and the World Heritage site of Seville’s Alcazar. You can also enjoy flamenco dances while exploring Cadiz and Marbella.

The journey starts in Casablanca, Morocco before exploring Tangier, Malaga, Marbella, and Cadiz.

Cadiz is in the southwest of Spain and contains Flamenco bars up and down the beaches.

8. 29 Day Itinerary – Royal Clipper – Cannes To Barbados

This long cruise takes a slow approach around the Mediterranean countries. Starting in Spain, you will see more Spanish seaside locations on this cruise than on any other.

After 11 days coasting Spain, you’ll reach Portugal before heading off to Safi, Morocco.

Although you will spend just one day in Safi, you can explore the beautiful pottery this region is famous for.

9. 9 Day Itinerary – Sea Cloud Spirit – Las Palmas To Casablanca

Starting in Cadiz, Spain, this journey will take you through the main delights of Morocco – Casablanca and Agadir.

In Agadir, you can explore the High Atlas mountains, the old palaces of the Berber King, and the protected mud walls of orange Platoons.

This city is known as the Little Sister of Marrakech due to its vibrant nature and beautiful jewelry.

For the wine lovers among you, you may prefer the unique tour of the Canary Islands. This cruise will take you to vintage vineyards giving you rare access to unique flavors.

This trip is called the Maritime Fairy Tale From 1001 Nights. Keep that in mind when you ask your guides for more information.

10. 8 Day Itinerary – Sea Cloud II – Morocco & Canary Islands

This foodie tour is called Island Worlds with Taste Sensations. With a name like that, you can expect your journey to be filled with food-based exploration.

You will sail from Embark to La Gomera before hitting Tenerife and Lanzarote. Your last two destinations will be Agadir, Morocco, and Casablanca, Morocco.

Throughout the journey, you will taste the finest dishes from each location.

11. 8 Day Itinerary – Star Flyer – Lisbon to Malaga

The highlights of this trip include experiencing the rich history of the Algarve, riding a cable car to the top of the Rock Gibraltar, and watching the dolphins play in Gibraltar Bay.

The Rock of Gibraltar is an unusually shaped mountain. It points into the sky, and at certain angles, it looks like the pride rock from Lion King.

Taking the cable car up the mountain allows you to see the amazing views from a high level without spending hours hiking.

12. 15 Day Itinerary – Seabourn Quest – Canary Islands & Moroccan Gems

On this cruise, you can visit the birthplace of Pablo Picasso along with the origin of Malaguena-style flamenco – Malaga.

You’ll also discover the exceptional beaches and rich histories of Agadir (Find out Things To Do In Agadir).

One of the tours on offer will be Las Palmas’ La Vegueta, a World Heritage site.

This cruise goes full circle starting in Portugal, moving to Morocco, and spending 5 days in Spain before moving back to Morocco again.

13. 30 Day Itinerary – Seabourn Sojourn – Cape Town to Barcelona

Our final cruise is also our longest. The perfect trip for those with time to spare.

The city of Walvis is an exquisite place to visit. There you can experience seabirds in flight, climb the sand dunes and watch the whales leap out of the sea.

As you cross the equator, you will visit the Notre Dame cathedral and admire the crimson and white decor of the ages.

When you reach Ghana, you can learn about the mostly uncaptured complex culture of the people.

And of course, Morocco will contain the life and passion of the African experience.

Final Thoughts

Each of these cruises prioritizes the location and destination over the journey itself.

Sure the food on the ships are 5-star quality, and the cabins are as soft as silk, but the real experience is in the countries you visit and the cultures you discover.

This is why we have picked these 13 cruises. They all recognize where the real experience is found – in history, culture, wildlife, and learning something new.