3 Days Tour from Fes to Marrakech: Exploring Morocco’s Rich Culture and Scenery



If you’re planning a trip to Morocco, a 3-day tour from Fes to Marrakech is an excellent way to experience the country’s stunning landscapes and unique culture. This tour takes you through the Atlas Mountains, Berber villages, and the Sahara Desert, providing an unforgettable adventure.

During this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to ride a camel through the desert and spend a night at a desert camp under the stars. You’ll also explore the breathtaking Todra canyons and the historic Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah. Along the way, you’ll learn about the culture and traditions of the Berber people who call this region home.

Whether you’re traveling solo, with a partner, or in a group, this 3-day Fes to Marrakech desert tour is an excellent way to experience the beauty and diversity of Morocco. With knowledgeable guides, comfortable accommodations, and plenty of opportunities for adventure, it’s no wonder that this tour is a popular choice for travelers from around the world.

Day 1: Fes to Merzouga

On the first day of your 3-day tour from Fes to Marrakech, you will travel from Fes to Merzouga, a small village located in the Sahara Desert.

Stop 1: Ifrane

Your first stop will be Ifrane, a charming town located in the Middle Atlas Mountains. Ifrane is known for its Alpine-style architecture, and its cooler climate makes it a popular destination for visitors looking to escape the heat of the cities. You will have some free time to explore the town and take in its unique atmosphere.

Stop 2: Midelt

After leaving Ifrane, you will continue your journey to Midelt, a small town located in the high plains between the Middle and High Atlas Mountains. Midelt is known for its apple orchards and is a great place to stop for lunch. You will have some free time to explore the town and enjoy a meal before continuing on your journey.

Stop 3: Ziz Valley

After lunch, you will continue your journey through the stunning Ziz Valley. The valley is known for its beautiful palm trees, groves and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. You will have the opportunity to stop and take in the scenery and take some photos.

Stop 4: Merzouga

Your final stop of the day will be Merzouga, a small village located on the edge of the Sahara Desert. the Merzouga desert camp is known for its stunning sand dunes, which are some of the largest in Morocco. You will have some free time to explore the village and take in the breathtaking views of the desert before settling in for the night at a traditional sahara desert camp.

Day 2: Merzouga to Dades Valley

On the second day of your 3-day tour from Fes to Marrakech, you will leave the desert of Merzouga and head towards Dades Valley. The journey will be full of stunning views and interesting stops along the way.

Stop 1: Rissani

The first stop of the day will be the town of Rissani, known for its traditional souks and historical monuments. You will have the opportunity to explore the local market and see the ruins of the ancient city of Sijilmasa.

Stop 2: Todgha Gorges

Next, you will visit the Todgha Gorges, a series of narrow canyons with towering cliffs on either side. You can take a walk through the gorges and admire the natural beauty of the area.

Stop 3: Dades Valley

The final stop of the day will be the Dades Valley, known for its stunning landscapes and picturesque villages. You can take a walk through the valley and explore the local Berber villages, or simply relax and enjoy the scenery. You can look for a private tour, which will stop in a luxury desert camp and do some extra things like offer a camel ride on your marrakech desert tours to fit in more amazing experiences.

Overall, day 2 of your 3-day tour from Fes to Marrakech will be full of interesting stops and breathtaking views. You will have the opportunity to explore the local culture and see some of the most beautiful natural landscapes Morocco has to offer.

Day 3: Dades Valley to Marrakech

Stop 1: Ouarzazate

After breakfast, we will drive through the Dades Valley towards Ouarzazate, known as the “Hollywood of Morocco” due to its numerous film studios and the many movies filmed in the area. We will stop for a visit to the Taourirt Kasbah, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a fine example of southern Moroccan architecture.

Stop 2: Ait Ben Haddou

Our next stop is Ait Ben Haddou, a fortified village located on a hill along the former caravan route between the Sahara desert and Marrakech. Ait Ben Haddou is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has been used as a filming location for many movies, including Gladiator and Game of Thrones.

Stop 3: Tizi n’Tichka Pass

After lunch, we will cross the Tizi n’Tichka Pass, the highest mountain pass in North Africa, with an elevation of 2,260 meters. The pass offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and Berber villages.

Stop 4: Marrakech

Finally, we will arrive in Marrakech, the “Red City” and the cultural capital of Morocco. We will drop you off at your hotel or riad, and you can spend the rest of the day exploring the city on your own. Don’t miss the famous Djemaa el-Fna square, the Koutoubia Mosque, and the Bahia Palace.

Tips and Recommendations:

Here are some additional tips and recommendations to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable 3-day tour from Fes to Marrakech:

  1. Stay hydrated: Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially when trekking through the desert and exploring under the sun.
  2. Bring a power bank: A portable power bank can be helpful for charging your devices, particularly during your night in the desert camp, where electricity might be limited.
  3. Carry a light backpack: Pack a small, lightweight backpack to hold essentials like water, snacks, sunscreen, and your camera during day trips and excursions.
  4. Wear a scarf or bandana: A scarf or bandana can be useful for protecting your face from dust and sand, especially during the camel ride and while exploring the desert.
  5. Learn some basic Arabic phrases: Knowing a few basic Arabic phrases can be helpful and appreciated when interacting with locals throughout your journey.
  6. Carry local currency: Having Moroccan Dirhams on hand is essential for purchasing snacks, souvenirs, and tipping guides or other service providers during your tour.
  7. Respect local customs: Dress modestly when visiting religious sites or local villages, and be mindful of cultural differences when on your Marrakech desert trip.
  8. Travel insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance before your trip to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.
  9. Bring a reusable water bottle: To reduce plastic waste and stay environmentally friendly, carry a reusable water bottle and refill it throughout your journey.
  10. Pack a headlamp or flashlight: A headlamp or flashlight can be helpful during your night at the desert camp or for early morning walks in the gorge or other poorly lit areas.
  11. Bring a journal or notebook: Document your experiences and thoughts throughout the tour to create a lasting keepsake of your Moroccan adventure.
  12. Be open to trying new foods: Moroccan cuisine is known for its delicious and diverse flavors. Don’t hesitate to try local dishes and experience the full spectrum of Moroccan culinary delights.

Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour Overview

A Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour is an unforgettable experience that takes you deep into the heart of Morocco’s stunning landscapes, rich culture, and ancient history. Typically ranging from 2 to 4 days, these tours offer a chance to explore the Sahara Desert, visit traditional Berber villages, take a camel ride and marvel at breathtaking natural wonders. Here’s a general overview of what to expect on a Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour:

1. High Atlas Mountains

The journey begins by traversing the majestic High Atlas Mountains, with stops at lookout points to admire panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. As you travel along the winding mountain roads, you’ll encounter traditional Berber villages and lush valleys.

2. Ait Ben Haddou

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ait Ben Haddou, an ancient fortified village and former trading post. Walk through its narrow streets, explore the architecture of its kasbahs, and learn about its fascinating history.

3. Ouarzazate

Often called the “Hollywood of Africa,” Ouarzazate is a hub for filmmaking and the gateway to the Sahara Desert. Visit the famous Atlas Film Studios, where movies like Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia were filmed.

4. Dades Valley and Todra Gorge

Witness the stunning beauty of the desert trip the Dades Valley, known as the “Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs,” and the Todra Gorge, a dramatic canyon with towering cliffs and a crystal-clear river running through it.

5. Merzouga and Erg Chebbi Dunes

Arrive in Merzouga, a small desert town on the edge of the Erg Chebbi dunes. Embark on a camel trekking through the golden sand dunes, led by an experienced local guide. Enjoy the breathtaking sunset over the dunes before spending a night in a traditional Berber camp, complete with a delicious Moroccan dinner and traditional music under the starry desert sky.

6. Cultural Experiences

Throughout the Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour, you’ll have opportunities to engage with local Berber culture, including visits to traditional villages, tasting local cuisine, and learning about the history and way of life of the people who call the desert home.

FAQs on Fes to marrakech desert tour

How many days do you need in Fes Morocco?

To fully experience Fes and its rich history, culture, and architecture, it is recommended to spend at least 2-3 days in the city. This will give you enough time to explore the famous medina, visit historical sites, and enjoy the local cuisine.

Is there a train from Fes to Marrakech if doing a Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour?

Yes, there is a train service between Fes and Marrakech. The journey takes approximately 7-8 hours and offers a comfortable and convenient way to travel between the two cities. Trains are operated by the Moroccan national railway company, ONCF.

Where do you stop between Fes and Marrakech on a Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour?

When traveling between Fes and Marrakech, some popular stops include:

  1. Ifrane: Known as the “Switzerland of Morocco,” Ifrane is a charming mountain town with unique architecture.
  2. Beni Mellal: A bustling city located at the base of the Middle Atlas Mountains, with the Ouzoud Waterfalls nearby.
  3. Volubilis: An ancient Roman city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring well-preserved mosaics and ruins.
  4. Meknes: A historic imperial city with stunning architecture, including the Bab Mansour gate and Dar Jamai Palace.

Where to stop between Chefchaouen and Fes?

Some recommended stops between Chefchaouen and Fes include:

  1. Volubilis: An ancient Roman city with well-preserved ruins and mosaics.
  2. Moulay Idriss: A sacred Moroccan town, known as the resting place of Moulay Idriss I, the founder of Morocco’s first dynasty.
  3. Meknes: A historic imperial city with stunning architecture and sites to explore.

Can you do a day trip to Sahara Desert from Marrakech?

While it is technically possible to do a day trip to the Sahara Desert from Marrakech, it is not recommended due to the long travel time involved. A 2-day or 3-day tour is a much better option to fully experience the desert and its surroundings.

How far is the desert from Marrakech?

The distance to the desert from Marrakech depends on the specific destination in the Sahara. Popular desert locations such as Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga are approximately 350-450 miles (560-720 kilometers) away.

How far from Fes is the desert?

The distance from Fes to the Sahara Desert depends on the specific destination. For example, the Erg Chebbi dunes near the Merzouga desert are approximately 290 miles (470 kilometers) from Fes, while the Erg Chigaga dunes are roughly 370 miles (600 kilometers) away.

Is the Sahara desert worth visiting?

Yes, the Sahara Desert is definitely worth visiting for its unique landscapes, stunning sand dunes, and the opportunity to experience the nomadic Berber culture. A visit to the desert is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that should not be missed.

Top things to do

Discover the Berber Village of Azrou and Experience Tribal Life:

Venture into the heart of the Moroccan countryside and visit the charming Berber village of Azrou. Immerse yourself in the everyday life of the tribes as you explore their traditional homes and observe skilled artisans at work. Witness the harmonious blend of ancient customs and modern influences that shape the lives of these resilient people and spend the night in a berber desert camp.

Journey through the Middle Atlas Mountains and Cedar Forests:

Embark on a scenic drive through the Middle Atlas Mountains, marvelling at the breathtaking landscapes and lush cedar forests that line the winding roads. Keep an eye out for the Barbary macaques that inhabit the cedar forest and stop at picturesque viewpoints to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the region when on your sahara desert tour.

Camel Trekking in Erg Chebbi and Watching the Sunset:

Experience the magic of the Sahara Desert as you ride a camel through the awe-inspiring Erg Chebbi dunes. Feel the gentle sway of your camel as you traverse the golden sands, led by an experienced local guide. As the sun begins to set, watch the dramatic transformation of the dunes as they change colors, creating a mesmerizing and unforgettable scene.

These unique experiences provide an unparalleled opportunity to explore the diverse landscapes, rich culture, and fascinating history of Morocco, creating memories that will last a lifetime.