Foundation of Explora™

Explora™ is founded by Nasser and Sara. They met each other in Egypt, caught up in Tarifa, lived there for a couple of years and ended up in Essaouira to set up Explora™. Their dream was to share their passion for the ocean, to bring people together and to create a 100 % surf vibe for their visitors. The surfy couple have two beautiful kids, Leila (4) and Samir (6). They already know the drill of travelling the world and chasing the wind!

Every week Explora™ organises a traditional Moroccan dinner for the team and guests

The team is formed of a mixture of Moroccan and European surf dudes and ladies. Every team member is chosen for being kind, patient and open. The entire team is devoted to water sports and fully certified. Explora™ team members will tell you everything you want to know about kites, surf, surf gear, other sports, the Moroccan culture, secret spots, language and food. Weekly or even daily team members hook up with Explora™ guests to go out for drinks and dinners. Explora™ organises a traditional Moroccan dinner for the team and guests every week, usually on Saturdays.

Nasser — Explora™

Nasser is a Moroccan expert in around-the-globe surfing. His heart is big and his team spirit strong: just like the waves he is eager to catch. Every morning he gets up early for a sunrise surf session before he heads to Explora™. Get in touch with Nasser at the weekly dinners.

Sara — Explora™

Sara is a tall blonde and dark brown-eyed lady from London. Her popularity and care for other people need no further explanation. Simply everybody loves her! Sara loves to kite and is often in the water doing raleys and other tricks. If she’s not galloping along the beach on her horse!