We are Explora Tarifa

Tarifa, here we come back !!

As a lot of you know we lived in Tarifa for 8 years, it has always been a special place for us, it is where we had our mini monsters and where we made some amazing friends and of course where we had an awesome time kiting!

Explora was dreamed up in Tarifa while sitting on our terrace looking out at the sunset with two friends who also then went on to create Alwayswindy in Turkey at the same time.

So that is right Explora has now crossed the Moroccan boarders jumped on a ferry and crossed from Africa back to Europe. Where we have put our flag in the sand and expanded Explora to also be in Tarifa .. The wind Capital of Europe…

Tarifa Tangana Valdevaqueros

tarifa taco waySo what makes Tarifa have a place in our hearts it is not just windy and sunny, but overall a lovely place to be, the old town with its crooked streets with an abundance of Tapas bars, cafes and clubs, it is the people and the vibe, the 7km long stretch of beach is just one big place to hang out.

tarifa playa de los lancesExplora Tarifa is all set up with different kite packages, daily kite lessons and kite rentals on the beach and an own Tarifa Surf house. Every day the crew and the guests meet up and head together to the beach by car. Depending on the conditions you will discover different kitespots! The beach is 7 km long providing heaps of space for lots of kites and likeminded people who all share their passion for the ocean.

tarifa - chill at Bar Waves - playa de los lances

You will share your kite sessions in Tarifa with Gabriele (Gabi). Gabi is our Swiss head instructor and he has tons of kite and teaching experience. When he’s not teaching he makes stylish big airs, holding his strapless board in his hand! Must see!

Adiós en Tarifa, amigos!

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Wet strapless board in Tarifa
Strapless riding in Tarifa
Nasser riding with Wet strapless board in Tarifa
Wet shop Tarifa

Join us now in Tarifa for an amazing windy session! Book your holiday and kite lessons with us!

Tarifa kite pack wave championships
Playa de Tarifa off-shore wind
Wave rider at playa de Tarifa
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Paula Novotna pro riders in Tarifa