We’ve worked secretly on this website for a while…
But now it’s online and for your eyes to see!

What has changed? Offline not so much has changed…

Online everything has changed!!

✓ we have done our 100 % best to make it look nice!
✓ we tell you all about the team
✓ we have added lots of promotion packages and special deals ★★★★
✓ we have added some beautiful pictures
✓ we have implemented lots of social media sharing options

… and what else? See for yourself!

There is still a lot coming up! Keep visiting! : )

✓ we will improve the design
✓ we will add a web shop
✓ we will add more media
✓ we will add heaps more surf and Explora™ news
✓ we will keep adding promotions!
✓ we will improve all the techs & behind the scenes stuff

… and heaps more! Stay tuned!