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The crown jewel of wakestyle kiteboarding

The world’s most influential wakestyle kiteboarders have united to set up the Kite Park League (KPL), the brand new kiteboarding league in the discipline of wakestyle kitesurfing. The founders of the Kite Park League and other slider and kicker riders have collectively been pushing the discipline of wake kiteboarding for years. With success: the launch of the KPL means that wake kiteboarding reaches a whole new level!

Kite Park League, Alexander Lewis-Hughes, Ozone team rider

Alexander Lewis-Hughes, Ozone team rider (source:

What is the Kite Park League?

The Kite Park League forms the overall ranking of all the major kite park contests around the world. This means that KPL champions can call themselves world champions of wakestyle kiteboarding! The Kite Park League also announces the rankings and news from all competing wake kiteboarding events.

Kite Park League, Karolina Winkowska, triple kiteboarding world champion

Karolina Winkowska, triple kiteboarding world champion

The Kite Park League is set up by 21 leading wakestyle kiteboarders who all compete and want to continue to push the boundaries of the sport. Members of the KPL organisation are for example Karolina Winkowska, Billy Parker and Craig Cunningham. Recently the group has announced 5 KPL spokespeople: Eric Rienstra, Sam Light, Colleen Carrol, Brandon Scheid and Alexander Lewis-Hughes will take the lead of further developing and evolving the Kite Park League!

The group behind the KPL is ambitious and realistic. Right now they will focus on three things: growing the number of kite parks and events, unifying the format of these events and creating output that will show the best of the sport. In the future the group intends to set up official world championships, comparable to the IKO and IKA official kiteboarding world championships.

Kite Park League, Wakestyle kiteboarding

Wakestyle kiteboarding

Events in the KPL series are included based on the quality of the kite parks, only kite parks with slider and kicker features in the 100 % park format can opt to join the league. Read more about how and what the KPL does in this Kiteboarder interview — with Colleen Craig and Craig Cunningham!

To sum it up, prepare for the most progressive kiteboarding events that boosts sensational pro-rider action and chilled-out freeride wake sessions in the world’s premiere kite parks!


January 13 – 19th 2016
Porto Princessa, Palawan, Philippines

The first International Slick & Slider Kiteboarding Competition was held in Porto Princessa in the Philippines. The competition also formed the official launch of the first Kite Park in Asia!

June 04 – 10th 2016 UPCOMING ★★★
Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA

The 11th annual event of the famous Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational hosts the top 32 wakestyle kiteboarders at REAL Watersports in Cape Hatteras. Cape Hatteras its unique geography offers the best spot for kiteboarding in the USA!

August 5 – 11th 2016
Hood River, Oregon, USA

The Hood River Slider Jam at the Hood River in Oregon is a Slider and Kicker competition which is open to everyone! The competition works with an invitation list and a qualifying jam.

August 15 – 21th 2016
Blaga, Russia

This Russian Kite Park is the largest in the world at 6 slider and kicker features. The park has hosted many kiteboarding pro’s in the last years, including Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light and Eric Rienstra.

September 24th – October 2nd 2016
Rhosneigr, Wales, UK

North Wales knows constant winds during spring and autumn and has a flat water pool with slider and kicker features in Rhosneigr. The UK rail event that is held here has been on for several times over the last few years!

Media — wakestyle video

  • Sam Light in Cape Hatteras

  • Colleen Carroll & Craig Cunningham in Florida

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