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NABIL J. — Explora™

Explora’s Nabil is a natural traveller and king of relax. He and his life are truly nice.

“Me? A Pro? Yeah, working on it for sure. But I got no rush, I don’t care if it would take me another 15 years.”

NabilMoroccan surfer and kite surfer Nabil has lived in France for years, where he had his own company in Marseille. While touring around in a small van Nabil worked as a technician for his clients. One year ago Nabil gave up his French ‘C’est la vie’ and permanently moved back to Morocco’s Essaouira. Lately he is very busy travelling the world. About every week a new album pops up on his Facebook, showing envious pictures of perfect waves, the Ivory Coast, Indonesia, and more… This month Nabil came back again at Explora™, and happy as we are with his comeback, we bombed him as the first Instructor of the Month, congrats and merciii for sharing your surf spirit with us, Nabil!