IKA 2016 schedule, get ready!

IKA announces two official events in Morocco this year!!

We are jumping with and without our kites today because the International Kiteboarding Association ( IKA — www.internationalkiteboarding.org ) has announced two official kitesurf events in Morocco! The first event will take place in Essaouira, Morocco in July 2016 and the second event will take place in Dakhla in November 2016.

IKA Goldcup tour in Morocco this year

The first Wave World Cup of 2016 is to be held in Essaouira this year. Essaouira is of course the place to be for wave riding and has hosted successful (wave) events in the past. Now Essaouira fulfils the same role again and will play host in the 2016 IKA Kiteboarding World Championships. From Friday the 1st of July to Wednesday the 6th of July Essaouira will be home to the world champions of wave riding! We can’t wait to see it right on our home spot!

Then in the first half of November 2016, we will be seeing action on and above the water at the KiteFoil Goldcup! The KiteFoil GoldCup is the official World Championship of the IKA KiteFoil class. The hydrofoil kiteboard class is open to prototypes of any kind. The first two acts of the Goldcup will be held in Italy and Korea, the third act will be in Dakhla in Morocco and the finals will take place in Qatar. With its glassy flat water and constant winds, we can imagine that Dakhla is added to the list!

According to the IKA, both kitesurfing events in Morocco are organized by the Association Marocaine de kitesurf (AMKS) with support of the Moroccan sailing federation (FRMV).

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