2016 dutch wave championships

Dutch Wave Championships

Jalou and Kevin Langeree both no. 1 at the Dutch Wave Championships

On the 24th of April, the first official wave championships were held in Holland. Yes, Holland, the country famous for its outright flatness (who doesn’t define Holland by its butter flat grounds and lack of waves?) turned out to be not quite that flat! The Wave Championships burst of competitors, four weather seasons in one day, heaps of tacks and rolls, endless waves, and not to mention the presence of two kitesurf world champions…

With over 50 participants at the Wave Championships, all striding to win their trophy in the discipline of wave kitesurfing, the success of the first Dutch Wave Championships was a fact before the day had even kicked off! The entire morning was one big blast with two big contest fields in the ocean, two juries, two chances for every kitesurfer to show what he got in the waves, 12 kiters continuously on the water and a massive crowd enjoying the spectacle!

The morning didn’t really offer those perfect weather conditions that we’re all dreaming of every night though. The early morning hours were cold at 1 degree Celsius and accompanied with rain, hail (not that desirable for the average kitesail…), snow (no, definitely not on our wish list!), no wind, hard wind, side shore, onshore and everything in between. Luckily the weather gods eventually gave their blessing to the Wave Championships and Sunday resulted in a fairly sunny day accompanied with a steady 22-25 kts until sunset. Just another average kitesurfing day in Holland…

2016 dutch wave championshipsThe temperature, wind, waves and sunbeams increased in the afternoon, and so did the level of the riders. Our favourite brother-and-sister duo had a little family gathering during the contest. Kevin and Jalou Langeree did not just catch up with each other and with their fellow Dutchies on the water, they both came out on top of the list! A big chapeau to that! Surely Kevin Langeree (2009 world champion, 2014 Redbull King of the Air and numerous other victories) could smell the victory before even setting one foot in Holland. He didn’t plan to compete, but then happened to be around and hey, why would he not give it a go at making his prize plank a little bit more endless? 2016 dutch wave championshipsThe same for Jalou Langeree (world champion wave 2012, eightfold Dutch national champion), who is well-known for her killer-surfer abilities. How could she nót win a wave championship? She defended her title with style and action that left people wondering why she would not just compete with the men. Jalou and Kevin apparently have the same winner genes and a high dose of wave dedication running through their veins.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t a big surprise that Kevin and Jalou won the championships, but that surely doesn’t spoil the fun! The whole day was epic and busy with wind, kites and loads of people. Congrats to all from Explora, with special congratulations to the top 3 wave masters! Hope to see more of you in the waves! These are the days that make us stoked to wave-kiting : )

Top 3 results:

Ranking Men
1Kevin Langeree
2Rick de Jong
3Sander Bos
Ranking Women
1Jalou Langeree
2Suzanne Kuiper
3Franka Tempelaar
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